Frustrated Network Marketer–How I Shot Myself In The Foot

Have you ever been in the right company that could have propelled you to reaching your aspirations and dreams?  You just don’t know why but it didn’t work for you.  Have you become a Frustrated Network Marketer–How I Shot Myself In The Foot kind of marketer?  Ever stop to wonder why things turned out this way?

Remember when you joined the opportunity?  What happened shortly after that brought on the frustrations you are experiencing?  I have seen this same scenario many times over and experienced it with some of my own team members.  I have been thinking of the causes that bring a team member to this point and have discovered in many cases it has been self inflicted.

When you join an opportunity you become a part of a team.  The team is there to help you and share new ideas, new methods and those things that have been tested and proven to work.  Where does this team begin for you?  The team begins with you keeping in contact with your sponsor.  You need to stay close to the fire otherwise your ember will eventually die by itself.  If your sponsor believes in the team atmosphere they will tend to try t stay in touch with you.  You must remember that your sponsor may have other team members to tend to also so don’t leave it up to your sponsor to initiate contact with you but rather you take the initiative to make contact with them.

Your business begins with you so make sure you stay accountable to your sponsor for your business building activities.  We often see many who don’t stay accountable and spend time doing activities that are counter productive to their business.  By staying in touch with your sponsor you receive news that you may not be aware of as well as encouragement, training and the general feeling of being part of something bigger.

As the team grows you may find team calls available to you that range from a mastermind group working together to develop new ideas, methods and long lasting relationships.  Teams calls focused on training from very successful people in the industry.  That type of training may be the catalyst needed to get you on your way so you can move ahead confidently.  Team calls may also include self development based on self development books where you would read a chapter and then discuss it in a team atmosphere.  Calls of this nature lead to a better understanding especially when you see things from other team members point of view.  There will always be a need for personal development and growth.

If you never take the initiative to stay close to the fire you may get the feeling of being alone.  I have seen this to the point where a new team member will go into a self inflicted seclusion and try to figure things out on their own.  If things don’t go as they thought they would they will often become frustrated and blame others, the products/ services they are trying to promote and even the company for their misfortune.  This will eventually lead to quitting one opportunity and joining another with the same results.  You cannot expect things to change unless you are willing to be part of the team and accountable to your sponsor or other team members.

Remember your business begins with you and if you want to cultivate a team atmosphere with those you have sponsored then set an example for them to follow.  Being part of the bigger picture builds character, leadership and life long loyal relationships.

Don’t leave behind the legacy of being a Frustrated Network Marketer–How I Shot Myself In The Foot.  It Doesn’t have to be this way.  It is your future, what are you going to do about it?  and what are you willing to do to see this does not become your trademark?  Be accountable, stay close to the fire, be part of the team and most of all have fun on your way to the top.

"You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him discover it within himself." – Galileo

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