Frustrated Network Marketer–How Can I Reach Out?

Ever have a prospective customer or business partner want to see or try a product before they make a commitment and you are just not close enough to meet their need?  With the internet marketing this can happen over and over again because you are not just local anymore.  With the exposure you get you will have needs in other countries and even too far away in your own.  How do you fulfill these distant needs and be sure you will still receive the credit of adding the prospective customer or business partner to your team?  Frustrated Network Marketer–How Can I Reach Out?

It is for sure that you will need a solid plan to reach out to prospective customers and business partners that are distant.  You will want to reach out for help to someone you trust not to steal your prospects or customers.  You will need to establish a set of rules that everyone will abide by and foremost integrity is a key issue.  I have heard and seen what happens when customers and business partners are stolen from a sponsor.  It shows lack of integrity which causes an atmosphere that does not reflect a team effort.  There will be animosity through the team which will cause an alienation of certain members who will no longer be trusted and that is not a sign of a team that works as one.

The rules you will want to establish must protect and be fair to all members of the team.  If you have found a team member to reach out to your prospect they will need to know up front that it is your prospect or customer and they are to sign up under you making you the sponsor.  But you need to realize that if the team member has to travel to meet your prospect there needs to be a way to compensate them for their time and expenses.  If the prospective customer or business partner wants to try products first then the team member who is meeting them on your behalf will sell then the products from their inventory and make the money needed to cover expenses.  That makes it fair for all involved.  You will need to offer to the team the same service where if another team member has a prospect in your area that you will do the same for them.

Trust in any team is very important for the team to function as a team so integrity is vital because without it the word team is just that, a word without meaning.  Frustrated Network Marketer–How Can I Reach Out?  With the team you are in and if you can trust others outside the team then you can reach out that way and build your network so you can reach out even further.  The key word here is integrity.

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I am a member of a team, and I rely on the team, I defer to it and sacrifice for it, because the team, not the individual, is the ultimate champion. ~ Mia Hamm

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