Frustrated Network Marketer–Hip Hop To Frustration

It just seems that a few network marketers have found the company of the century and there is no opportunity like this in all the world.  They tell everybody they have found success and they want you to join them.  They push and advertise the opportunity for a time and then seem to disappear for a period of and then resurfaces pushing the new opportunity of the century.  They tend to hop from one business opportunity to another.  Frustrated Network Marketer–Hip Hop To Frustration.

What happened to the very first opportunity of the century?  Was it not really the opportunity of the century?  There is a way of knowing if the opportunity is going to be a good one.  Before you join any opportunity you need to do your research to see if it a great opportunity or not.  First take the time to look at the owners and management to see what experience they have with network marketing as well as their integrity.  If they have no experience and integrity then anything can happen and it will not be good for the distributors.

What type of product or service is the company involved in.  Has it been on the market for years and seems to have hit a plateau without any upward growth?  Is there a real product or service at all?  If there is no upward momentum it will be very difficult to sell the product or service.  Is the product and company a good fit for you and can you be excited over the product or service with the experience you have had with it.

Make sure the policies and procedures you accept when you join the company are understood and not too restrictive and placing responsibilities that are beyond your control and scope.  Make sure you know how to conduct your business according to the P&Ps so you are not in violation.  Take time to understand your compensation plan so you can be sure you are getting paid for all your hard work.  Before you join ask the question “how many active customers and business partners do I need to make $10,000 a month?”  This will give you an indication of how hard you are going to have to work.   To help you along building your business make sure your sponsor is the type who helps their team and also a system to duplicate positive results.

Make sure before joining the opportunity of a lifetime you do your due diligence to make sure it is what you expect.  I have seen many say they are in the opportunity of a lifetime only to hop to another opportunity when they discover it is not.  Not only does it show they have picked an opportunity that was not what they thought it was but they lose respect of those observing them and damage their reputation beyond repair.  Would you join anyone who hops from one business to another every few weeks.  I know I would not because it shows me they don’t know how to look for a great opportunity.  This shows Frustrated Network Marketer–Hip Hop To Frustration is no way to build a dream.  Find the right opportunity and it can be the opportunity of a lifetime for you.  Just be humble when advertising your product and opportunity otherwise you may insult the beliefs of others and ruin any opportunity of selling product or adding them to the opportunity and that will make it tougher to build your business.

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