Frustrated Network Marketer–Hansel and Disgruntled

Do you ever wonder why someone attacks your Network marketing  Company and/or products after you have posted your business opportunity or your products?  Sometimes these attacks are malicious and unwarranted by a Frustrated Network Marketer–Hansel and Disgruntled.

There are a number of marketers  in the field who use their time to put down products and businesses without any cause or real reason.  They always seem to be disgruntled and live a negative style life.  If you have read or learned anything about  magnetic attraction marketing you will soon realize negativity pushes potential customers and business partners away.  If you are looking to use magnetic attraction you must separate yourself from the negativity and the people who promote the behaviour.  It is a must if you want to have a chance at being successful.

Possibilities for a disgruntled attitude can be endless.  We see this in our everyday lives with people we know, fellow workers and sometimes from within families.  Sometimes people become disgruntled because of problems not even related to that which they are aiming their attitude towards.

The problem is that negativity is contagious and can grow if you allow it to.  The best method is to separate yourself from the negativity  and think and act positively which promotes magnetic attraction.

The reasons for being disgruntled are varied but in network marketing there are two main reasons.  The first may be the fact that you were scammed and cheated by some network marketing scam posing as a legitimate opportunity.  This is preventable by doing your due diligence (research) before joining any opportunity or buying products.  You may have a legitimate reason for being disgruntled with this but you need to get out of this negative realm before it becomes a way of life for you.  Move on to a better life by finding a company and product which will help you reach your dreams and goals.

The second reason is far more common with network marketers who have joined a  legitimate company.  It just didn’t work for some marketers who were looking for success. So they became disgruntled towards the company and products.  Many many times success never came to these people because they lacked the skills to do network marketing properly.  Without the proper skills they went out and tried to recruit and sell products to their warm market and received negative results.  When they moved on to their cold market they spammed and fire hosed their business opportunity and products only to be rejected. The conclusion they drew was, it didn’t work so they blamed the company and products for their lack of success.

As they become more disgruntled they will often spend their time making disparaging remarks against the company and products without real facts or proof  to back up the remarks.  Sometimes they can get themselves into real legal trouble because of the disparaging remarks.

Their lack of success was not the company or products fault.  It became an issue of how to market and promote properly with the right skills.  Is it fair that they slam the company and products on their  wall and fan pages or on any social networks.  No, but it does show their true leadership qualities, NEGATIVE ONES.

Are you a Frustrated Network Marketer–Hansel and Disgruntled .  I would suggest you learn the skills needed to market and recruit.  Tom “Big Al” Schreiter has been teaching his skills to other network marketers for years and they  have become very successful.

Tom’s training comes from years of very successful marketing. Tom tours the world teaching these very skills… so if you have the opportunity to attend one of these training seminars it would be in your best interest.  tomlydYou will learn what to say and do to promote your business opportunity and products.  OH, if you are disgruntled, leave the other marketers alone and don’t make comments if you don’t have solid fact but basing it upon your own experience and opinion.  If you go into a business opportunity or buy a product with a negative sceptical view don’t expect to have success because the universe gives you what you ask for, so if it is negative, expect negative results but if you are positive expect positive results.  Stay on the positive side of life and business and enjoy positive results leading to success.

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Dave and Darlene Mills
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"You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him discover it within himself." — Galileo

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