Frustrated Network Marketer–Friendships That Last A Lifetime

There are many friendships born as we go through life but not many of them remain lifetime.  As we grow older and finally into adulthood there are many changes that come about.  We develop different likes, hobbies and interests that no longer coincide with those our friends had when we met in the earlier years.  We promised we would always remain in touch but as the years passed so did our good intentions.  Finally friends are forgotten and the friendship cools down because time and distance have a way of helping us forget.  Frustrated Network Marketer–Friendships that Last A Lifetime can become a way of life for us when we meet others  that have the same mindset, desires, ambitions and dreams.

There is always time in life to make lifetime friendships.  When my wife and I joined the network marketing arena we had no idea of the friendships we would develop over the years.  We have made some of the best friends one could wish for and in fact they are our adopted family.  When you have friends of this calibre you always have someone you can lean on when life or circumstances come your way.  Our friendships have developed because we have the same dreams, ambitions, mindset and the desire to have a better life.  Our friendships are very beneficial to both sides with the desire to see everyone achieve their dreams.

One of the best things you can do in life is to help others reach their goals in life.  Helping others get from one circumstance to a better one in life is a positive for them as well as you.  It gives you a purpose for your life in that you are helping others better themselves.  When you show others that you care about them it is inevitable that lifetime friendships can develop.  It also likely that others who see your ability to help others will be attracted to you.  Showing you care, a positive attitude and like mindedness are attractive traits to others and therefore attract to them to your circle of influence.  This is also a plus for your business and in fact will help you build your business because you are building know, like and trust relationships.  These types of relationships are great for partnerships in business especially network marketing businesses.

Frustrated Network Marketer–Friendships That Last A Lifetime are important in life and business.  In the Network Marketing arena key words in that relationship are know, like and trust and in fact they will have a part in whether you are successful or not.

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Dave and Darlene Mills
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“You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him discover it within himself.” — Galileo

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