Frustrated Network Marketer–Fear Of Face To Face Or Ear to Ear

When you promote your network marketing products or business opportunity do you use the in person technique.  It is apparent there are many who do not use this approach because they use the annoying auto diallers and some just communicate through through social sites and advertisement only.  There is never real in person contact which in turn gives the belief they are Frustrated Network Marketer–Fear Of Face To Face Or Ear To Ear.

A know like and trust relationship cannot be built when hiding behind auto diallers, social sites and advertisements.  There is going to be a time you will need to meet a prospect either face to face and at least a voice to voice conversation.  The prospective consumer or business partner needs to hear from you directly so they can be sure you are authentic.  You cannot hide behind your fear of talking to people when it comes to building relationships.  Ask yourself how do I feel when I pick up the phone to an automated or pre-recorded voice?  Did I get to tell the caller I am not interested or I am tied up at the moment?  That is just downright rude and annoying.

What will happen if my advertisement attracts a prospective business partner or customer but I never follow up with a call or set up a face to face meeting? Nothing, and even if they do buy a product they will move on to the next product because there will be no relationship which leads to no loyalty.  To follow up you will have to talk or meet with the prospect and you will need to build a relationship with them.  Not all conversation or meetings should be about business.  Take the time to learn about the prospect and what their dreams and desires are.  Some of these types of relationship have lead to the greatest friendships and business relationship where both parties share sorrows and successes and work together to achieve together.

Where does the fear of meeting or speaking to prospects come from?  The most common answer is the lack of proper communication skills.  “What do I say?”  “What do I say next?”  Not having the skills is the real cause of the fear which is the fear of rejection. This leads to a frustrated network marketer.  Most people have the fear of rejection whether it is in network marketing, regular job, building relationship or life in general so you are not alone.

Is there anything you can do to minimize or eliminate this fear totally?  Yes, by learning the proper skills of communicating rejection free.  Have you ever heard of Tom “Big Al” Schreiter? tomlyd Tom is a network marketing legend who is a very successful marketer.  Tom now devotes his time traveling around the world teaching proper communication skills to marketers.  His methods are rejection free and very sensitive to the beliefs of the prospective customer and business partner.  You see most of the time we unknowingly insult the beliefs of those we talk to and end up getting a rejection.  Tom’s skills that he teaches will make it easier to talk to people in the right way as not to insult beliefs and the decision made will be the prospective customers or business partners.  When we force a decision or talk someone into a decision they were unsure of we breed buyers remorse and end up losing a long lasting business relationship.  The decision must be the customers and it must be natural.

Tom figured out many years ago how to talk to people.  He teaches these skills for the purpose of helping you become successful and living your dreams.  His skills are proven to work backed up by his success.  Oh, Tom is not a phone person but enjoys talking face to face with people but his skills do work on the phone also.  Learn what to say so you don’t become a Frustrated Network Marketer–Fear Of Face To Face Or Ear To Ear marketer.  You too can learn what to say and do when it comes to talking to people and rid yourself of the fear.

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"You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him discover it within himself." — Galileo

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