Frustrated Network Marketer–Easy Money, Oh Yeah!

Today we see many that are looking for that easy money to solve their financial woes.  They will do anything to from joining online companies that promise that easy money to buying lottery tickets in the hope of that large jackpot.  If it is your thought, Frustrated Network Marketer–Easy Money, Oh Yeah! just remember there is no easy money because in the end there is a cost.  The cost may be more than you can afford.

Some people in their quest for easy money spend a portion of their pay check on lottery tickets every payday and for some the amount they spend is a good size portion.  Over the years the amount they have won has not even come close to the amount paid out.  For those and many more like them the lifestyle they have is less than what it could have been had they not spent large amount on that one chance to make it big.  The mind keeps telling them they have a chance to make the big win but it just never seems to come.  Lottery companies depend upon people thinking they have a chance even though it is very small to almost non existent in order to keep the game rolling and the profits coming in.

To give you an idea of the odds of winning it has been calculated that the odds of winning a large Powerball jackpot is greater than 175,000,000 to 1.  Such a very little chance and buying more tickets raises the chance by very little.  It has been said that the chances of getting mugged in New York City is much higher, while waiting in line to buy your lottery ticket, than actually winning the lottery.  Does not sound like this is EASY MONEY.

You also see ads or receive emails which invite you to join an online opportunity and make easy money.  Its just that easy, join and you don`t have to do anything to make that easy money.  The creators of these types of opportunities also play on your mind.  To those that join they believe there is hope, that light at the end of the tunnel that will fix their financial woes.  They proceed to join and promote the opportunity without using their reasoning mind.  If you join one of these opportunities with the promise of not having to sell or do much of anything and you are making money without selling a product or service that has value then you have joined an opportunity that is not operating legally.

If you want to check out whether the opportunity you are involved in is legal or not then check with the District Attorney or the Attorney General in your area so you get an understanding of what is legal and what is not.  One thing to note is if you promote an illegal opportunity and it comes under scrutiny of the law you can also be held accountable and face penalties even though you are just a distributor.  The courts will not accept the excuse that you did not know you were doing anything wrong and in your own eyes that may be true.  If prosecuted under the law  your legal woes may be more than you can afford and it does not sound like this will be EASY MONEY.

The only person(s) that generally makes the easy money from these types of opportunities are the creator(s).  There is generally a fee to upgrade, to make a bonus, because without a fee and or no useful product or service being sold there would be no money to pay the distributors unless it came out of the pocket of the program creator(s).  That is not going to happen, you don’t start an opportunity to loose money but to make money.  Scammers start opportunities to make money at any cost to the public.  Before joining any opportunity investigate to be sure you are doing something legal as well as having a real chance of earning an income.  Frustrated Network Marketer–Easy Money, Oh Yeah! there is no such thing as easy money without hard work and integrity.

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