Frustrated Network Marketer–Do You Walk The Path Alone?

Have you ever gone for a walk into unfamiliar territory?  Have you done the walk alone not knowing what you will find along the way?  Have you walked the path knowing the final destination but not knowing how to get there because you are not sure if your on the right path?  For some people who are new to the Network Marketing Industry this is what is happening to them.  Frustrated Network Marketer–Do You Walk The Path Alone?

It is imperative that if you are new to Network Marketing and have joined a Network Marketing Company that your sponsor train you properly and not just leave you on the path alone for you to struggle.  Too many times new business partners are left to struggle alone and have a bad experience in the Network Marketing Industry and quite often end up failing and quit.  It is sad to say that some sponsors go on a tear to recruit as many people as they can find with no thought of ever spending the time to train their new business partner or even building a proper relationship with them.  For some sponsors they look at their new business partners see dollar signs.  New business partners are not just dollar signs but people with dreams of success and happiness.

The responsibility of the sponsor is to train their new business partner the proper way to do the business without teaching old techniques that do not work.  As a sponsor if you are not a good trainer then point your new business partner in the direction where they can get the training.  Teach them what they can and cannot do according to the company’s policies and procedures so they can enjoy doing the business without being reprimanded for doing things that are against company policies.  It is not the responsibility of the sponsor  to keep chasing the new business partner to give them training.  The new business partner needs to contact their sponsor when they are unsure of what to do, your sponsor cannot read your mind.

Sponsors and new business partners are building a business as well as a team where everyone benefits from each others talents.  Each partner brings a skill set which can be passed on to each and every one on the team who in turn will pass them onto their new business partners and so on and so on.  Sponsors lead your new business partners down the path towards success, new business partners seek the training you need from your sponsor.  Frustrated Network Marketer–Do You Walk The Path Alone and if you do and can’t get the help from your sponsor then you should find a sponsor who is interested in your success as well as their own.

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