Frustrated Network Marketer–Attacking On Social Media Backfires

I work in the retail industry and have been attacked verbally by customers on a few occasions.  In one instance the customer was voicing his displeasure that I was the only one taking care of the customers.  He continued to make a big fuss about this fact but not once did he ask if there was another to help.  When his turn came up he continued his tirade  and held things up using his time to berate the business and his displeasure of having to wait his turn.  The comments he was making were rude and uncalled for.  Finally I was able to convey to the customer that normally there was another person to help at the counter but he was not there due to a death in the family during the night.  After he was taken care of and left other customers in the line thought his actions were unacceptable.  I have seen this type of behaviour on the social media networks and Frustrated Network Marketer–Attacking On Social Media Backfires.

Just recently my wife had posted an ad on one of the social media sites as she usually does.  A comment was made where someone wanted to know if there was a money back guarantee if the product didn’t work for them.  As we know not all products can be returned unless they are in an unopened original packaging.  This type of return policy is generally used with nutritionals and cosmetic products after all no one wants to buy products if they have been used or opened.  The comments kept coming berating the companies and our belief in our own products.  Comments kept coming stating this person could not buy from a company who had no confidence in their product.  Why would any company not let you return product that didn’t work for you?  I would not buy from that company.  The comments continued and just repeated of the displeasure with the return policy.  This was a clear attack on the company and distributors and that was what this was all about.

There is one thing I know, from the retail world and the network marketing arena, and that is you never bash another company or their product and services.  I have seen this backfire on people that have done this and hurt their own business and reputation.  As the comments came from this individual I notice that comments were coming from others that were observing.  In a short period of time they began to voice their opinion that they would never do business with the individual making the attack.  The others were not happy with the behaviour of this individual nor could they see the reason for the attack. IT BACKFIRED!  When the individual realized that the tactic used to discredit another company and distributor backfired they began making excuses for their actions.  The unfortunate thing is they have already damaged their reputation and business.

I have known of another individual who had joined a group and within a short period of time began to see this behaviour among other members.  Because their reputation is very important to them this individual left the group and moved on to better things.  There are enough customers and prospective business partners out there that it is not necessary to bash other companies and distributor for the purpose of discrediting them to gain the upper hand.  This is unacceptable behaviour from anyone.  Frustrated Network Marketer–Attacking On Social Media Backfires.

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It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently. ~ Warren Buffett

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