Frustrated Network Marketer–Arrogant Upline Leader(s) Loses Team Rapport And Respect

Have you ever wanted to quit your network marketing company and wait the time required to re-join that same company but under a different sponsor?  There are many that wish to do so and many that have done just that because in the upline genealogy there is a leader they just don’t want to work with or even contribute to this leaders success. There are many  Frustrated Network Marketers with Arrogant Upline Leader(s) who Lose Team Rapport And Respect that tends to force their downlines to look elsewhere for answers.

Often on team calls when the downline team members have questions or observations they are cut off and not given time to fully express themselves and their concerns  before getting an answer that makes them feel stupid.  To that team member there is nothing more frustrating than to be talked down to and still not have their question answered or their concerns taken seriously.  As it happens to each of the team members the call becomes one sided because the team members have had enough and become quiet.  They stop expressing themselves for fear of how they might be made to feel and leave the call more frustrated at the treatment they have received and still not having answers to their questions and concerns.

How arrogant for upline leaders to treat their downline members this way.  I have often wondered how they have built their downlines this way or did someone else build it for them.  They operate with little concern for the feeling of those in their downlines and tend to alienate them and it shows by the amount of downline members tending other team calls looking for answers.

Not all members of your team will understand the compensation plan or even the policies and procedures and even if you do you need to answer their questions and concerns with patience and understanding.  There are more aspects which they may not see clearly and again their questions will need to be answered.  Remember there will be some areas your team member will be more proficient than you so it may be your turn to listen and learn.  It is never wise to become defensive when you discover this otherwise you will lose the rapport and respect with your team.  Not any one leader can know everything and if you think you do, you are arrogant and will be alienated from your team by their choice.

It is wise to remember that most of your downline business partners are part time and are learning the business on the fly.  When you are arrogant with them they will think to themselves “I don’t have to put up with this type of treatment.”  There are two choices:  first they will seek out other teams or team members for answers, or second they will quit and move to another company where they feel comfortable.  There are certainly many more fish in the sea when it comes to the network marketing arena.  Network marketing is all about people who just want to be treated with respect and get the education they need to be successful in the venture.

If you continue to treat your team in this manner you will soon find you are a leader with no one to lead.  Your team will be getting what they need from leaders who care.  You will find they will never contact you for advice nor will they accept advice from you.  You will not be a person they will want on the team call because you are too arrogant and put yourself in the seat of know it all.  What good is having a kingdom when the subjects are loyal to another.

Network marketing is a team effort where everyone in the team deserves respect and to be treated equally.  A team working together for the same goal of success is a force to be reckoned with.  Frustrated Network Marketer–Arrogant Upline Leader(s) Lose Team Rapport And Respect is a reminder of not how to build your team.  Your Network Marketing career should be an enjoyable fun experience with success.

"You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him discover it within himself." — Galileo

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3 thoughts on “Frustrated Network Marketer–Arrogant Upline Leader(s) Loses Team Rapport And Respect

  1. Great article, Darlene and Dave!

    These are the MLM Emperors. With their arrogance and lack of people skills, they can’t possibly have had any real success in the ‘real world’. But by chance they find themselves in a position of what they think is authority, and proceed to abuse it in every way they can imagine.

    These are people with little control over their lives outside MLM, little confidence in themselves, and a great willingness to control the lives of others who misguidedly look up to them.

    Too often, the ‘up’ in upline refers only to their paper position, and has nothing to do with their real worth as someone to respect.

    Downlines must take most of the blame, however, for mistakenly believing that uplines and sponsors are automatically magical in their powers. An employee mentality among the downline allows the emperor to exploit his/her accidental position.

    Uplines are people. That’s it. Often the only reason they are ‘above’ you is timing, so we must stop the automatic reverence and forbid them from abusing their positions.

    Thanks for pointing out this all too common irritation. It’s time for us all to grow up and stand up to the bullies.

    Bob and Anna

  2. Bob and Anna thank you so much for leaving a comment. It is unfortunate that this goes on…and agree it is much like being in an employee relationship where the “Boss” is the boss and you have very little to say and are made to feel inadequate.

    This is not an employee situation and we do have to stand up to this behavior from our uplines.

    Thanks again.

    Dave and Darlene

  3. Thank you for such a powerful and true account of what does go on in network marketing Dave and Darlene. Having been there for many years its very hard when you are shot down and its good to see such a wonderful post.

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