Frustrated Network Marketer–Are Your Training Needs Safe In The Hands Of Your Upline?

Have you ever wondered about the training you willimage need to be successful in your online opportunity?  In this blog “Frustrated Network Marketer–Are Your Training Needs Safe In The Hands Of Your Upline?” I will address some concerns with observations and experiences I have experienced.

It may seem trivial but the saying “stay close to the fire” is one very important aspect of the training that is required to make your business fly.  If you have an upline that provides good solid training then you need to be in contact with them on a regular basis, 2 to 3 times per week if not daily.  While in contact you give an accountability of the activities and methods you are using to build your business.  You will need to discuss what is working and what is not so you can put aside activities and methods that are wasting  time.  This type ofimage accountability will allow you to make the best use of your time and effort.  This is an activity you must set up with your upline and stick to it. WHY?  I have observed that those who stay close to the fire are far more likely to stick with their business than become frustrated and either move on to another opportunity, hoping it will be better there, or quit.

I am not saying there will be no ups or downs but when a low period comes there will be an interaction that can be a point of encouragement. 

As the upline you should discuss keeping in contact with your new recruit but ultimately it will be up to them to keep the process going and you may need to give a gentle reminder of the importance of this activity.

imageIs your upline providing you with good solid training that is current or are they telling you to take your business opportunity and product link and splash it here, there and everywhere?  That is not a workable method but it does annoy everyone and that is not what you want to be doing. It does however show that you are not using workable techniques that professional network marketers are using today and it   will destroy your reputation. 

Your upline should be able to provide you with training that will lead to having the proper skills to build your business.  There is some great skills training done by generic trainers that can easily take your business to the level of success you desire.  If your upline does not or cannot train you or provide you with skills training you need then it is because their upline could not or did not pass the skills on to them, which I have observed many time when talking with frustrated marketers.

An upline should have a group who comes together to make leads calls so the new business partners can learn what to say and what to do when talking to prospects.  If the group is earnest in providing this type of environment then I have observed that it quite often turns into a family atmosphere where help is abundant.  In this type of group, skills are shared along with what is working and the desire to see everyone succeed.

Like any business you need the right skills to succeedimage to be able to pass them to your downline.  You want them to duplicate and grow their team also because you are ultimately building your business to reach your goals and dreams.  You cannot do it alone so become that leader who provides your team with the proper training and ride the wave to success together.

There are some upline sponsors that may not care to help or train their downline because they got you into the deal and got a recruiting bonus and that is all they were looking for.  If you are in the downline of one of this type of sponsor, I would question “how safe are my training needs in the hands of my sponsor?”

What are you going to do about it?

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