Frustrated Network Marketer–Are You Your Own Worst Enemy?

You have just joined your first Network Marketing Opportunity and are all fired up to get going and make a lot of money.  You have never done anything like this before but you think this cannot be that hard to be successful.  Where do you begin and how do you go about doing this business?  You see how others run their business and decide you will follow their example to do your business.  Frustrated Network Marketer–Are You Your Own Worst Enemy?

There is more to the business than just following someone’s example.  How do you know the  method they are using is successful or even if they are doing it the right way?  For some business owners they believe if they send out hundreds or even thousands of emails pushing their products or business opportunity that they will be successful.  For some they just go and knock on every door they see and push their products and the business opportunity but soon find they get a lot of rejections.  Getting a lot of rejections does very little for the self esteem aspect but does wonders for the quitting factor.  This is no way to begin your business venture by being rejected or having everybody treating your emails as spam and just a nuisance.

When you first join a new Network Marketing Opportunity it is always best to get started on the right foot using the right methods to get your business up and running.  One of your first resources may be the opportunities training program.  If the company is successful the training they provide will involve current successful methods and be easily duplicatable for your business partners that join you.  Second resource will be your sponsor who may have methods they have found to be successful for their business.  There are others in the Network Marketing Arena who have been very successful and are willing to share their expertise that will help your business become successful.  One of the most successful Network Marketing Legends is Tom “Big Al” Shreiter who runs mini workshop, all around the world, that teaches the right way to talk to people about your products and business opportunity.

As a new business partner in a Network Marketing Company it is your responsibility to let your sponsor know if you have questions or concerns on how to run your business the right way.  You need to let them know, otherwise they may not know you are struggling to get up and running and aiming towards success.  They cannot read your mind and it is in your and their best interest to help you become successful.  If you choose to go it alone without the advice of your sponsor, company training program or other experienced Network Marketers you may find yourself struggling to become successful even to the point of quitting.  Network Marketing is a team effort and works best this way when the team is looking out for each others interests.  Frustrated Network Marketer–Are You Your Own Worst Enemy?

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Dave and Darlene Mills
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"If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself." –Henry Ford


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