Frustrated Network Marketer–Are You Sentenced to a Lifetime of Useless Presentations and Rejection

Do we know where we need to be working? Or are you sentenced to a lifetime of useless presentations and rejection from frustrated network marketers. Which just seems to keep the vicious circle going around and around.  It is like there is some kind of conflict or competition to present our opportunities to others. We have to know where the conflict has to be won.

Where does the “conflict” have to be fought?  That conflict has to be won in the brains of the prospect, in that six inches between their ears. That is where the “decision maker” is located. This is where we have to go to work.

It does not matter how hard we work, how much time we spend creating videos, flip charts and passing out those company provided glossy brochures, if you we do not go to work where we are needed most, our efforts are useless and brings frustration…it will be ugly. tom-new-head-small

If we are going in the wrong direction, it doesn’t matter how hard we work, it’s going to be ugly. ~ Tom “Big Al” Schreiter

It is so crucial to realize we have to be working in our prospect’s brain… this is where we must be working, or we are sentenced to a lifetime of useless presentations and rejection. That is a pretty harsh sentence.

Having the skills to go at the “Conflict” will help you handle the “rejection” of the complaints of prospects, which are NOT in any way REJECTION of YOU.  Do you have the skills to handle complaints such as “no one wants to talk to me”, “no one responds to my email messages”, “no one answers my voice messages that I leave”?  Do you want to know the skills or do you wish to remain the rejectionvictim and cry to your upline when the prospects are unemployed and can not afford to join, are too busy, just are not interested in owning their life, think that you want them to join a pyramid scheme and tell you that they don’t know anyone who would ever join them in business?

Here are just a few of the conflicts that we all must learn to handle from the master trainer and my mentor, Tom Big Al Schreiter, master of the Magic Sequences of Words:

1. Your prospects aren’t listening. They are thinking about work, bills, vacation, the dog, what’s on television, how long you are going to talk, how much money they will have to spend, will the children call. Today, people have short attention spans. Which techniques will you use to stop the multitasking and thinking of your prospects so they hear your message?
2. Your prospects don’t believe you. They don’t believe they can do it. They don’t believe they can be a salesman. They don’t believe people will buy. They don’t believe they know enough people. Which programs in their subconscious minds will you talk to so that they will believe? Are you competent in this skill?
3. Your prospects are afraid of change. Change means risk and possible failure. How are you addressing this concern in their minds? Are you simply adding useless chatter to their conscious minds? Are you just hoping they will be different?
4. Your prospects want to delay decisions as long as possible. They want to wait until it is “safe” to proceed. Are you simply using ancient high-pressure techniques that are quickly rejected? Or are you using “time-delay” word pictures or other effective techniques?

Tom has provide just a few of the conflicts that we as network marketers and professional pointers and communicators have to manage. According to Tom,  “If we don’t learn to deal with the battles and conflicts – we simply become  brochure pushers, or a  professional human hyperlink to our YouTube  videos. And for this you can expect to be compensated accordingly.

Tom’s advice:

Giving presentations to people who aren’t listening, who don’t believe you, who are afraid of change, and who love to procrastinate … well, that’s a life sentence to frustration.

Prospects join people. They don’t join online videos and computer pixels. They join you.

Think about it. If prospects simply joined online videos, web pages, DVDs, etc. – our network marketing companies wouldn’t need us!

Anyone can click, point, and pass out a brochure. But, you want to be paid as a professional.

So stop being busy reading presentations, sending prospects to online videos, etc. Instead, get professional and get paid as a professional.

Start using the tools of our profession such as:
Magic sequences to subconscious mind programs.
* Sound bites.
* “Time-delay” word pictures.
* Special stories to bypass the negative beliefs and prejudices.
* Cognitive biases.
* Expectation management.

To end the frustration that you may be feeling as a network marketer, learn how to talk to the decision-making part of your prospect’s brain. Learn how to create instant rapport and belief. Learn how to do our jobs, professionally.

Start now. Stop filling time with ineffective presentations.
And if you don’t know where to start, here are a couple of suggestions:    or     

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