Frustrated Network Marketer–Are You Getting Splinters Sitting On The Fence?

Have you ever thought that you need more and more time to make an important decision?  You just can’t seem to pull the trigger and make that decision and move forward.  You’re just sitting on the fence and I ask you Frustrated Network Marketer–Are You Getting Splinters Sitting On The Fence?

Contrary to what you may be thinking by sitting on the fence you have indeed made a decision.  The decision you have made is to wait longer or simply to procrastinate and put it off for a reason you may be unwilling to admit.  In many cases the reason comes down to a fear that is in the back of your mind.  Whether the fear has to do with being afraid of failing and what others, especially loved ones, may think if this were to happen.  In some cases the fear becomes one where you feel you cannot financially afford to invest into your future.  I say how can you not afford to invest in your future.

You can look at it this way, you need to go to your favourite store to pick up that one thing you have wanted for so long.  You are all excited because you will finally get what you have always wanted.  You get into your car, start the engine and prepare yourself for the trip to the store.  The thought runs through your mind, “What happens if I get into an accident?”  So you just just sit there with the car running but never put it into drive.  The fear has paralysed you and you never make that decision to put the car into drive.  As long as you let the fear have control you will never get what you have desired.  Are you going to let this fear deprive you of your desire.  Does the fear have a real foundation or is it just within your mind that you have set this limitation?

It will come to a point that you will have had enough of sitting on the fence.  That day will come when the splinters hurt enough and the discomfort will be too much to bare, making you jump off the fence and make a decision.  Since there are two sides to the fence one of the possibilities will be to accept the mediocre life you are used to and the other will be the choice of joining a business and building a new and exciting life for yourself.  If you are like me you want more out of life and will work hard to achieve the goals you have set for yourself.

Will it be easy?  Not always, but it will be more comfortable than sitting on the fence letting the splinters fester up.  By sitting on the fence you made the decision to sit on the fence and remain where you are. So Frustrated Network Marketer–Are You Getting Splinters Sitting On The Fence?  Make the decision to get off the fence and become more and enjoy the lifestyle you have always dreamed of.  Make a decision NOW, instead of sitting there looking back at what you had missed.

"You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him discover it within himself." – Galileo

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