Frustrated Network Marketer–Is Your MLM Business a Circus

This has to be some kind of syndrome that I would refer to as the “Frustrated Network Marketer” syndrome.  We have only seen this stupidity happen in Network Marketing and or Affiliate Marketing. I can not build one business successfully, so I am going to add three more that I can be a failure at, but why stop at three extra when I can just add more and have those multiple streams of income that I hear the “gurus” talking about?  From a mentor with a servant’s heart, what you are building is a “Circus”. Do you right now feel that  your MLM Business a Circus?

Allow me to ask a question…would you see this type of business thinking if you were in a traditional brick and mortar business.  Your regular run of the mill, “mom and pop” business?  No they don’t run a laundry store here and a jewellery store with a grocery store and drug store attached on the side for good measure. NOPE!!! Does not happen.

Everywhere you see people in more than one opportunity and want you to join them too. It just amazes me that the so called gurus, professionals and experts who want to show us how to build a successful business as a Network Marketer.   How can they help me or anyone for that matter? Where is the focus? What this tells me is that they can not be doing very well in their “primary” business.  That one is not working so I have to add another stream of income, which results in another stream on cash flowing out of your wallet instead of in to it. Focus on ONE and build ONE to promote to others, that is way more attractive.

There is nothing wrong with failure, it sometimes propels us in the direction we should be going.  For in failing we fail forward.  Thomas Edison failed many times to create a light bulb.  Or did he?  Perhaps he successfully  found 1000’s of ways not to.  With each proclaimed failure, he came another step closer to success, because he never gave up believing he COULD be successful.

Each time a new  program or tool enters a newbies’ (or seasoned network marketer’s) line of sight, they are off selling their garbage to anyone who breathes.

You will hear them refer to this NEW opportunity as, “Patent Pending” and the “Latest Greatest” or “Get in Now!”, “Get in on the Ground Floor!”,“You’ve Just Got to See This!!!!!” or “Brand New – Get in Before It’s Too Late”

Seth Godin recently posted an article on his blog…here it is.

Seth writes:
Un essaim de puces
To quote Sarah Jones, the market has become a swarm of fleas (it sounds better in French, for sure).

Short attention spans, flitting from place to place, a hit-and-run culture.fleacircus It’s practically a flea circus…

Marketers are more like circus ringmasters than ever before. Far better, it seems, to concentrate on the few (fleas) willing to slow down, the few willing to stop acting that way and actually pay attention and stick around.

Need we say more?.

We can see that it might take more than one attempt to find the right company. If it is enduring success you are looking for then you will eventually have to do something about your lack of success and determine why it is that you can not get ONE MLM business to work.  Our guess would be, lack of education regarding this industry, and lack of skills.

As a warning – remember that banging your head on a wall hurts.  Network Marketing works, but if you are not finding success with the company you are currently attempting to build, then why keep banging your head with that opportunity? It hurts after a while.  Just don’t go build a Circus….don’t add more useless opportunities. Stop getting caught up in the circus, stop chasing instant rewards.

If you are serious about building an online business presence than you need to start thinking like a business person.  Traditional businesses are not built in a day… Your  Network Marketing business will not be built in a day. You need to build a solid foundation first…which takes time…but will last for years to come.  Build it once, build it big and build it to pay your children and their children’s children. Use the Slight Edge Philosophy and stay in the game long enough to see some results. You may have to change teams, but you will not be on two teams at the same time and find success.

If you need some help and assistance I encourage you to find a mentor to help you understand what it take to be a success in this industry.  Above all get educated. I am sure you did not learn network marketing skills from your school, church, volunteer programs, pastor, priest or parents who did not provide you with a Network Marketing Degree.  You will have to learn some very basic skills.


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Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world. by Joel A. Barker

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