Frustrated Network Marketer–An Employee Mindset

If you no longer wish to be a frustrated network marketer in your onlineGirlWHAT business then perhaps the following comment from a successful internet marketer will consistently remind you that almost everyone you talk to about network marketing is an employee and will have an employee mindset. There will be a limited amount of prospects who will actually be business owners.

Comment from a successful network marketer I read just recently:

The employee mindset is this kind of thinking: “OK. I really want to be successful on my own. I don’t want to have a boss. I want to make more money. What do I do?”

The employee mindset is NOT thinking like this: “OK. I’m going to work this out for myself and come up with my own business plan.”

Do you see the difference? Do you see what a successful network marketers imagemindset is? Yeah it is, “I am going to figure this out for myself and MAKE it work and I will devise a business plan to make it happen.” But unfortunately this is not the type of mindset we hear when we talk with a prospect who has an employee mindset. They are still trading time for money.

The whole point this guy was making is, the most important word when you are talking to a prospect is “system.”  The answer to “how am I going to make this work?” You need a system. Not just any system either…a duplicatable system…and yes I know everyone says their system is duplicatable…not so.  Just ask those who use one.  What is the majority consensus?

We have talked with lots of people who use these duplicatable systems and the majority of them tell us that they were lied to. They were told it was FREE and found out in a few months that if they really wanted the insider secrets that they could upgrade their membership for only $149.00…But wait that is not all they can have the Big Dog earning secrets for only $1799.00

Let me repeat… Heck, let me SCREAM it.



You’ve got to give them an easy step-by-step system. They have to see a system that can work for them. You have to show them how it has worked for others, and you have to show them, step-by-step, exactly what they will do with it (train them to successful use the system). You just can not expect for someone to sign on to a system and then let them loose on the internet and expect that they can make the system duplicate. 

But it’s more than just that. Your prospect not only has the opportunity to be shown how to use a system that is tested and proven to work, but they also have the opportunity to talk to their prospects about that same tested, proven system – which every prospect needs and wants. It’s really important. That is exactly what this guy is talking about.

It is really crucial that your prospects know about this system.

Most prospects think, “Oh, this company has a great product. That’s what I need.” Or, “Oh, I’m personally sponsored by the heavy hitter. That’s what I need.” Or, “It’s been proven that this compensation plan pays out 80%, and over 90% of the people who use it are successful.”


Most prospects need to use a proven duplicatable system to have success, but some won’t. Everybody knows that a new person needs a tested, proven system to start with. If you can find a better, tested proven system, great. Some companies have their own proven system that works and all you need to do is use it as they have designed it to be used.

That’s what those with the “employee mindset” need more than anything – good prospects to talk to. Just getting a few really targeted prospects a week can change their lives.

System? Yes. Use it. And talk to your prospects about it. Believe me, they know they need it.

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Dave and Darlene Mills
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One thought on “Frustrated Network Marketer–An Employee Mindset

  1. Yes I agree – We need a tested proven system. Yes I agree -We need a duplicatable system and especially we need a Mentor who is holding your hand and leading you the right path step by step.

    It is sad to see in many cases how “heavy hitters” recruit masses of people into their business and then they leave “dead bodies” in the woods without training.

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