Frustrated Network Marketer-Truth Or Ruined Reputation

My wife was very recently involved in a family matter which took her to the court room.  She has and is today a believer in the truth and speaking the truth.  She has a little saying that goes something like this.  When you lie you need to remember each of the lies you spoke but when you speak the truth that is all you need to remember.  If you lie you need to remember all the lies, who you spoke them to and the extent of the lie.  It is also the very same in network marketing.  You need to be honest otherwise you may become a Frustrated Network Marketer-Truth Or Ruined Reputation.

In the court room when it came to the questioning from the lawyers my wife spoke the truth and had the evidence to back up what she had sworn to.  The other party did not do the same and in fact misrepresented the truth with untruths.  Part of the problem was there was no evidence to back the story up.  The Judge in the case picked up the lack of truth very quickly and you could tell by his demeanour.  When it came to a decision the Judge dealt very fairly with the case and even stated his displeasure to the to the untruthful party within the decision for past discretions.  The point is that to speak the untruth, it will always find you out and your reputation is ruined.

When it comes to network marketing if you exaggerate or are untruthful the very same will happen to you.  If you have a good reputation in the beginning it will soon be tarnished and eventually ruined totally.  Would you not agree that if you represent your company with the ability to make large amounts of money within a very short period of time with very little or no work involved that this misrepresentation will be picked up very soon by the prospect?  How do you think they will react when this does not happen for them even though you told them exactly what to do?  If they have followed your training to the letter and no results occur they will consider your venture to be a scam and you will have gained the reputation as a scammer.

To be untruthful when representing your products or business opportunity to prospective customers or business partners will soon spread the word that you cannot be trusted. You become blacklisted.  The internet spreads news very quickly and your reputation will be ruined.  When building an online business, your reputation is very important if you intend to grow your business and maintain a strong loyal downline.  If your downline and customers don’t trust you they will move onto something else or someone else where they will feel the safety in an honest business relationship. Honesty is always the best policy.

Truth is always the best policyOL55 when it comes to network marketing or anything you do in life.  Truth will always build the best and most loyal relationships whether it is in business or life in general.  Being truthful with your network marketing customers builds product users for life.  Loyal business partners are built with strong honest relationships where there is never a question about integrity because it is a given.  Being honest and truthful will keep you away from being a Frustrated Network Marketer-Truth Or Ruined Reputation.  Any other way you use that does not portray the truth will eventually lead to disaster.  The truth is and will always be the very best policy.

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