Frustrated Network Marketer- The Difference Between a Job and Your Own Business

The difference between a job and your own business; do you know what it is?  tomlydTom “Big Al” Schreiter explains it very well in the following excerpt from on of his newsletters.  You see as network marketers we get frustrated at times.  A frustrated network marketer is no good in this industry if “little” things get in the way of day to day operations.

Network marketing is not the “HOBBY” that many have made it out to be.  It is not a get rich quick opportunity.  Although the scam artists would like you to believe it is. 

Lots of things will get in the way of building your business, but we have to deal with those issues like a business owner downtown would have to deal with them.  It is do business or pack up and lock the door.  That to me seems like a real shame.

See what Tom “Big Al” Schreiter says below about knowing the difference between a JOB and YOUR own business.

In a job, if there is a problem, it may not be your problem. Somebody else has to solve it.

And who is that somebody else?

The business owner, of course. If the business owner doesn’t solve the problem, he or she is out of business.

We are in our own networking marketing business. We are responsible for solving our problems. It is this change of viewpoint that is hard for new distributors to master.

For instance, they might say, “Oh, the shipping is too expensive. I can’t build my business with these high shipping prices.”

And the new distributor stops working.


But what would the distributor do if he had the viewpoint of a business owner? He would figure out how to deal with the high cost of shipping or he would know he would be out of business.

With the viewpoint that he has to solve this problem, the distributor could do the following:

1. Only sell to people who could afford the shipping.
2. Find people who want the product so badly that the shipping doesn’t matter.
3. Realize that there is no competition for his product, and that the shipping is not an issue.
4. Plan ahead and order in bulk so that the shipping would be less.
5. Figure out an alternate way of shipping, etc.
Are there obstacles in our business? Yes!
Business owners overcome obstacles. That is why they are the owners.

To avoid making this kind of mistake, you might want to educate yourself about this great industry.  In fact, I’m going to read more about this industry now and maybe listen to some more Harry Browne


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2 thoughts on “Frustrated Network Marketer- The Difference Between a Job and Your Own Business

  1. Yes, there will for sure come some obstacles. If people have persistence, what is vital in any business, they can overcome those obstacles, but if not, they can use those obstacles as excuse. Then there is no other way than lock the door.

    This again, Darlene is very important lesson to every network marketer. We have to realize if our obstacles are real or just used as an excuse.

  2. HI Marjaana, thank you so much for taking the time to read this article. We appreciate it very much.

    You are correct, we can face our obstacles head on or use them as an excuse. I think this is why many have failed. They give up too quickly.

    Drop by again to leave another comment.

    Darlene and Dave

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