Frustrated Network Marketer-Success in MLM Requires Coachability

Frustrated network marketer are you ready and willing to learn from those who have gone before you? Those who have left footprints in the sand for us to follow. Are you ready and willing to learn from those who are successful building a network marketing business TODAY? Success requires coachability.

Are you coachable? I mean really coachable?

There are so many network marketing trainers out there giving you their advice on how to build a business today who dried up as successes years ago. There are a few simple questions to ask these advice givers who you may choose to be your coach and mentor:

  1. Are you building today?
  2. Are you successful building today?
  3. Are you in touch with what is going on in MLM today?
  4. Do they know what methods and techniques actually work TODAY?

I followed one specific trainer for quite a while. I always listened to this person, but never had success….and still listened, because they were the expert. I was doing everything this person instructed me to do, just the way they said to do it. 

Just recently this individual started their own network marketing company. Right now that network marketing company is crashing because they don’t want to be “just another slice of the pie.”  They are changing the whole business model. BUT…this person (who wasn’t successful starting their own company) still wants to be a network marketing trainer. So what is it that they are going to be able to teach me to have success when they can not keep their own business going?

What kind of a network marketing trainer doesn’t want to have a company that’s “just another slice of the same pie”?

I have NEVER had anyone ask me “is this just another slice of the same pie?” I have never had anyone tell me they didn’t want to buy my products because it’s “just another slice of the same pie”.

This is about as bad as the MLM trainers who teach “handling objections”.  Handling objections, well don’t create them to begin with.


This is a proven fact. If you are focused on people not wanting to join “just another slice of the same pie”, you will attract people who don’t want “just another slice of the same pie”. If you are focused on overcoming objections, you will attract more objections to overcome. Just like you asked for. The universe will respond to our desires.

You can learn the SKILLS you need to be successful. You do NOT have to cold  call leads. You do not EVER have to deal with objections or rejection again. (When you learn how to attract just what you want)  We can teach you, if you are indeed COACHABLE!

Stop struggling today!!

This business is not easy, but it’s simple. It’s not get rich quick, but you CAN get rich. It is not all fun and games, but it is FUN.  If you are coachable and can follow a PROVEN system and the advice of those who are TODAY building a network marketing empire, we can help you.

Commit To Success Today
Dave and Darlene Mills
Leadership With A Vision

Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world. by Joel A. Barker



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2 thoughts on “Frustrated Network Marketer-Success in MLM Requires Coachability

  1. Mentoring For Free is the greatest system I have ever met in this industry. This is not “another slice of the same pie,” but there are qualified mentors guiding me step by step. You Darlene and Frieke are doing so important job:) I am so excited!

  2. Hi Marjaana, thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. All successful people in the world made it their business to search out a mentor; a coach. Athletes and actors, you name it they knew they would need someone to help them perfect their skills.

    Network marketing is no different, and just like athletes and actors and others you have to be careful who you do chose to be a mentor.

    I am happy to hear that you happy with the process that you are going though with Mentoring for Free.

    ~Darlene & Dave

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