Frustrated Network Marketer-Sponsor Like a Mentor With a Servant’s Heart

A very common misconception in network marketing today is thinking that recruiting  is a one-shot, all-or-nothing event.  In ALL honesty it is a step by step process.  A Teaching and Mentoring Process. It is a constant continuous process.  Believe it or not this is a very good thing. It is a good thing because it gives you the opportunity to build long lasting friendships with your potential business partners that will last a lifetime.  You can learn as a frustrated network marketer to sponsor like a mentor with a servant’s heart. 

When someone speaks of recruiting, I cringe to hear the word.  I have experienced justbunny in wild exactly what this word means. It means to put someone in a  downline and leaving them to fend  for themselves. Leaving them helpless, like babies left in the woods to fend for themselves with no hope of ever surviving. I was in three opportunities that left me just like this.  Got me in and then the “recruiter” did a disappearing act.

Sponsoring on the other hand is what I do. I sponsor a person into my organization and I then go right in to  teaching and mentoring them on HOW to build a business. From the ground up. It is ALL about being a friend and being there throughout their journey to the top. When you help someone else on their journey, guess what?  You have just helped yourself.  So would it not make more sense to ensure that your personally sponsored people get the help that they NEED and DESERVE?

My MLM philosophy is this…your goal should never be to “sell” or “close” anyone, but rather to give the prospect enough information, so they can make the BEST decision for THEM. You should only ever  sponsor people whom you would like to spend a one month cruise with. Yeah, think about that one.  Would you want to sponsor someone who you do not like.  Network marketing is fun and should be, so how do you have fun with someone you don’t like.  Another misconception and recruiting technique…sponsor anyone and everyone who has two legs and a heartbeat and just walked within three feet of you. NO, absolutely NOT!  You do NOT have to have everyone you personally speak with into your business.

You have to qualify your potential business partners.  You have to find out if they have a need and if they have the time to set aside to work on building a part-time business that will then turn into a full time walk away residual income for them eventually.   It is possible to walk away from our day jobs in as little as 3 to 5 years depending on the motivation level and desire level. It is not get rich quick. 

Far too often in network marketing, just like in direct sales, you are taught to close people.  When your goal should be to find  people motivated enough to take action themselves. People with a desire for more out of life. Take those VOLUNTEERS and work with them, hold their hand until they are ready to spread their wings and fly on their own, but keep that relationship alive for life.

Network marketing is NOT about convincing people or changing their beliefs, their core values. It is however about finding the people who are open to what you have to offer, it is about finding out if you have what they want. It is a sorting process, where the prospect indicates their level of interest. Who you want are the volunteers who are coachable, it is much easier to work with those who want and have a desire to make a change in their lives then to create a dream for those who gave up dreaming a long time ago.  You will find you are convincing, dreaming, selling and closing them day in and day out if you sign up everyone who has a heartbeat and can fog a mirror.

What network marketing offers is  freedom.  It is helping others to achieve their dreams and goals.  If someone gives a lot of excuses as to why they haven’t read the business or educational material then these are NOT good prospects. Move on and find the people who will do the “homework”.

Of course, the first question that comes up when speaking with a prospect is where do you find these people? This is where the Mentoring and Teaching comes into play. Most people know about social societies and networks to build relationships. So to learn more, and to work with a Mentor and Coach, contact us and let’s begin the process. I can show you where to find these people.

Nobody can build a business alone…it has never been done. Network marketing is a team and people showing you HOW to Sponsor People into your business. Never allow someone to just RECRUIT you, you never want to be left alone, you are worth more than that.

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Dave and Darlene Mills
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Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world. by Joel A. Barker


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