Frustrated Network Marketer- How to Find Free Experienced MLM Mentoring and Support

Frustrated network marketers are in one of three categories, which, if you find yourself in one brings up an important question. Do you know how to find free experienced MLM mentoring and support?

  1. Frustrated with your current financial future (JOB) and looking for an opportunity 
  2. Already in an MLM opportunity and frustrated or
  3. Both, So Frustrated with the JOB and  lack of results in a current business entrepreneurial endeavour that they are looking for another opportunity.

If you find that you are a frustrated network marketer and have a huge commitment imageto running a business from home, there is great benefit from utilizing the services of an experienced MLM Mentor no matter what category you find you belong and no matter what company you are in now.

An experienced MLM Mentor can provide guidance throughout the entire process.

Listed below are 9 reasons that it is advantageous to use this free service.

1. The service is free to any struggling network marketer in any company.

2. The service is personal and confidential. (Conducted by phone or Skype communication)

3. The mentor guides the struggling network marketer through an entire educational process of learning what the industry is all about….understanding what a 5 Pillar company looks like. Far too many jump in head first into their work at home opportunity and never perform any checks and balances on the company owners or the product.  They never read their contract and they rarely know how the compensation plan REALLY works, or how hard they really have to work to make $5000.00 extra a month walk away residual income. 

4. A detailed WHY including an evaluation of the network marketers, interests, and goals will be complied in order to determine if your WHY will be strong enough to keep you in the business when obstacles and stumbling blocks get in the way of progress.

5. Education is provided on the various types of compensation plans, MLM conniving and manipulation, Ponzi schemes and scams. You will learn how to think not what to think. You will be able to spot scams before you join or recognize if you are in one currently. 

6. Investigation into the most suitable opportunities will be conducted if the struggling network marketer is looking for an opportunity that is in the 5 Pillar Category. Or the mentor will help build skills with the network marketer in order to help them with their current business opportunity of choice.

7. The network marketer will saves years of failure and frustration and time and money by by learning how to perform research on various opportunities with the advice of an experienced MLM mentor/coach.

8. The mentor/coach acts as a professional pointer, answering questions and referring the network marketer  to other resources as necessary, such as how to work social networking sites, how to write blogs, how to successful promote on YouTube and rejection free marketing techniques taught by Tom “Big Al” Schreiter.

9. Complications and confusion are virtually eliminated when an experienced MLM mentor/coach helps YOU with any network marketing business.

tomlydOnce you know what to avoid, you’ll want to know what to look for.  Read our article on how to find a Five Pillar Company.

Overall, an experienced MLM mentor will help you determine if network marketing and your MLM Company is right for you and if not, what 5 Pillar company you are most likely to succeed in.

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