Frustrated Network Marketer-Good Enough Reason Or Not

We have reasons to do everything we do in life.  If the reason is strong enough we will succeed as long as the plan we devised is a good one.  Whether we realize this or not, there must be a strong enough reason behind the plan or it is sure to fail.  We have seen so many people with great plans and often wondered why they never succeeded.  If you are a Frustrated Network Marketer-Good Enough Reason Or Not could be your real dilemma.

Your reason for doing something in the network marketing arena is also called “YOUR WHY”.  Your why must be strong enough to carry you through the tough times as well as the good times.  If your why is not strong enough when times get tough you may end up giving up on your dream.  There can be nothing more depressing than giving up on a dream that seemed so important at the time.  Your why is the key to keeping a dream alive especially when times get tough.

Your why should never be about money because it is too easy to give up over money.  This month you are behind in your payments so your desire for more money is strong but the next month things are going great and your need for the extra money is relaxed.  You see the need for the money at the time was strong but the need went away as things improved.  Your reason or why need to be built upon something that brings an emotional response from deep within.

When your why is built around reasons that bring deep emotional responses there is a strong foundation to build upon.  For some it may be financial freedom so they can spend more time with those they love.  Family to them is a great why because more often than enough we never have enough time to see our children grow or even see those once in a life events that occurs in their lives.  We are often too busy with work.  Once our children have grown up and are on their own the time is gone forever.  Maybe it is just helping the children by paying for college or helping them buy a home, just giving them a starting advantage in life as they begin their own families.

For some travelling is their why where they love to see new places and go on adventures where they meet new people.  Meeting new people and experiencing new cultures is what drives some while others just want to help others financially and give them the same chance at experiencing life.  One of the greatest reasons is the welfare of fellow human beings and being able to help them in any way possible.  Maybe your why is a sick loved one who does not have the means to have that treatment or surgery due to the lack of finances.  There are many great reasons (WHY) that you can have you just need to have one that will inspire you when times are tough.

Building your why on something worthwhile that brings a strong emotional response is a must.  Something that is so strong that you will not give up on no matter what is where you need to begin.  Your why should be one that brings tears to your eyes when you really think about it.  It should bring a strong deep emotion to the surface while contemplating it.  It should be a part of you.  Frustrated Network Marketer-Good Enough Reason Or Not you need to make sure it is otherwise you may be doomed to failure.  What is your why?  Is it an iron clad one?  No matter what it is, you need to look at it and make sure it’s the right one.

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