Frustrated Network Marketer-Do You Know Your Freedom Point

Is anyone ever financially free? Frustrated network marketer do you know your freedom point?   When do you really arrive at  that point of having chained to deskfreedom…Freedom to live your life on your terms and not that of your boss.

When you are free of pressure, free of deadlines, free of debt, free of negative employees, free of late payment notices, free of foreclosure notices, free to vacation when you want, free to live where you want, free to pursue major incomes and when are you really free to help others to do the same?  Do you know your freedom point?

You are actually financial free when you do not have to rely on anyone or any J O B for money…and when you are living the lifestyle of your dreams. When you are free to do what you want , when you want and with who you want, then you have arrived at your freedom point.

Ask  the following questions to find your freedom point.

How much money would I need monthly to never have to go to work again unless I chose to?

  1. $1,000.00
  2. $2,000.00
  3. $5,000.00 or
  4. $10,000.00 or more

When do I wish to be financially free?

  1. One year from today
  2. Two years from today
  3. Five years from today or
  4. Ten years from today

Knowing the answer to these question, do you have a plan to achieve the above goals?

Multiply your answer from Question #1 by 200. *  This is the amount you will have to invest at 6% interest to receive your chosen monthly income from above. (if you can find a financial institution that would give you that kind of interest)

* Example: If you chose $5000.00 a month, you will need to invest $1 million ($5000.00 x 200). $1 million at 6% interest creates and additional $60,000.00 a year in income. Divide $60,000.00 by 12 months = $5000.00 a month.

Your freedom point is the answer from Question #3. Your freedom point is “The POINT” that will allow you to “Own Your Life”.  Your Freedom Point is the amount of cash you would have to have in the bank, invested in the stock market or real estate for you to be financially free…free to live your life on your terms.

Most people do not have enough extra cash to invest in stocks or real estate and for some there isn’t enough money to even put into a savings account once the bills are paid.

There is however some really good news…people have found an easier way to create an extra income of  $50, $500, or $1000.00 in royalty or recurring income. What would you do with an extra $50.00, $500.00 or even a $1000.00 or more a month?

Just imagine going to your mailbox, you rifle through all the ad mail and bills to find an unfamiliar envelope. You tear it open and find a check with your name on it.  That is your royalty check…and you are not Elton John or Johnny Depp.

What would you do with that extra money?  Would you apply it to your credit card payment, mortgage payment, rent, donate to your favourite charity or buy a nice dinner?

But wait…what if you knew that next week you would get another check just like it in your mailbox or an even bigger check amount, and the week after that and the week after that for many years to come? What would you do then with all the extra income?

Everyday people who are not actors or musicians are receiving royalty checks in their mailbox every week – like clock work.  They did something right once and get paid for it over and over. It is the secret income of multi-millionaires.  Multi-millionaires know the secret to creating true wealth is in creating recurring or royalty income.

The fact of the matter is that anyone can begin receiving an extra weekly pay check for doing something right once and get paid for it over and over. And receive that money directly in their mailbox. It is like getting an additional pay check WITHOUT having to find a second or third part-time job or begging your boss for a raise.

When your head hits your pillow tonight, just ask yourself, will I be making money?

What would be easier to do in the next 5 years?

1) Save $1 million dollars or

2) Create a few product users?

Both options will generate $5000.00 a month ($60,000.00 a year) in royalty income for you. Most people chose #2. What will you chose?


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