Frustrated Network Marketer-Are You Committing Financial Suicide, Part 3

Are you committing financial suicide in your network marketing opportunity?  I have seen a lot of frustrated network marketers who think that it is all fun and games and then realize they are committing financial suicide, sometimes too late.  It Is not all fun and games. But is should be FUN…Any frustration is NOT your fault.

FordNetwork marketing IS the vehicle to take you in the direction you want to go, but if the opportunity or the “make” of the vehicle is not getting you where you and your friend want to be, then it is probably time to change car manufacturers.  Try a Honda instead of a HondaChevy, try a Ford instead of a Chrysler. 

Look, it is financial freedom you seek right, that is why you got into network marketing…isn’t it?  Do not focus so much on whether your vehicle (Company) is a Ford camaroor a Dodge, focus on the compensation plans of the car manufacturers.

If you were working for Ford at 8% commissions and  across the street at the Chevy dealer’s the sales reps were making 15% commission, don’t you thinkDodge you could sell a Chevy instead?

Sometimes there are tough decisions which have to be made in order to bring us back around to the goal that we had in mind.  Don’t stay in a business just for the sake of a friend while you are loosing money and probably they are too, all because they believe in and “LOVE” the product or service; the “make” of the vehicle…but rather find a better commission plan that pays you fairly for ALL of your hard work and effort.

Instead of committing financial suicide, find the opportunity, the RIGHT compensation plan that will put money into your pocket.

How many stair’s do you want to climb? Scenario…

Picture in front of you are two staircases. Each month a Ford and Chevy  will give you a $10,000.00 check  awaiting you at the top of each staircase. The first staircase  (Ford) is 2700 stairs, the second (Chevy) is 400 stairs, which flight do you want to climb every month to get your $10,000.00 check, while dragging your family along behind you?  Which commission plan do you think is best?

If you want to know, then I encourage you to start your journey to success by reading and educating yourself about this industry and learning which compensation plan will pay you the best commission for the least amount of work.  Read this training manual Success in 10 Steps , become connected with your own personal mentor who will show you step by step how to have success.

If you are ready for success in YOUR life and in the business of YOUR choice, then this educational opportunity will be invaluable to you.

Commit To Success Today
Dave and Darlene Mills
Leadership With A Vision

Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world. by Joel A. Barker


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2 thoughts on “Frustrated Network Marketer-Are You Committing Financial Suicide, Part 3

  1. Hey Darlene, Love this post some good info and I know which company you are on about 😉 There is no perfect one size fits all formula for building the perfect MLM Company. There is no one single plan of compensation that works best for every single marketer on the planet. You’ll have to do a little digging to find the plan that best suits your tastes and sense of fair compensation. When you do, you’ll discover that you are the only limitation your income really has!


  2. Hi Mike, I appreciate your comment. It is important to find the perfect fit for you. I believe that if our “field of dreams” is not producing or growing as we hoped it would, then it is time to search out a new field to plant in and keep searching until you find the company and comp plan that will finally bring success for you.

    ~Darlene & Dave

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