Frustrated MLM Business Owner – Why Do Some Succeed While Others Struggle

Are you getting frustrated trying to build your network marketing business? Blaming yourself for your lack of success?  Are you wondering what it is that others are doing to build their down lines and having so much success, but you are unable to duplicate their methods.

Chances are that there is nothing wrong with you. You just have not been properly trained to build success or someone has taken advantage of you. Many network marketing companies are set up where they make money whether you do or not, or only the select few really make any money.

It is the norm to find companies where the top 2% of the distributors make 80% or more of the money. What does that leave for those just getting started? Not much.

You are new to network Marketing, and they are certainly not going to tell you the whole story, not by any means. There is much ado about the insider secrets..but you just try to find out what they are, you will be out thousands to know them.

If you want to learn the plain simple facts about this industry with no pulled punches. Read “Success in 10 Steps”, it is FREE, and learn the plain simple truths about this industry. See if you can relate to the information in the eBook.

Once you know you are with a good solid 5 Pillar company, we then will send you to training calls that teach the specific skills that you need for success. Free Webinars.

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"You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him discover it within himself." — Galileo

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5 thoughts on “Frustrated MLM Business Owner – Why Do Some Succeed While Others Struggle

  1. Hi Darlene,
    hi Dave,

    this is a thoughtful post. The phenomenon that only a small portion of people make the bulk of money doesn’t only apply to MLM. It is said that 90 % of the money made worldwide is made by 10 % of the people. Some even talk even of a 98 to 2 ratio- No political movement but only financial education will help with that.

    Thanks for offering an amazing MLM-related solution that is proven and duplicatable.

    Take care


  2. Thanks Oliver for stopping by. I am glad that you enjoyed the information. And yes it it true that even in the real world of business that not all succeed. All the more reason for proper training in the field of choice.

    Take care

    Dave and Darlene

  3. Hi Dave and Darlene,
    I think one problem is that so many “sponsor monsters” tell people it’s SO EASY and then all they teach them to do is “make a list of everyone you know.” Well we know it takes more than that! Keep on helping people!

  4. Darlene and Dave – again and again we can marvel how it comes that old crappy methods stick in this industry. It is a valuable contribution to improving the industry of network marketing to make more and more peopel aware of what is actually going on, on a large scale.
    For me it certainly was an eye opener when I finally knew what was going on and it confirmed the gut feeling I had been having about some issues.
    Thanks for sharing
    Frieke Karlovits

  5. Hi Frieke,
    When we learn to think critically about this industry and see that it is a business, not a hobby then maybe people will sit up and take notice of what methods are working. The catch is that “FREE” does have value. And in this industry when you can benefit so greatly from FREE training,it only makes sense instead of wasting thousands and receive nothing of value when all is said and done.

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