Frustrated Network Marketer–Stop It Before It Begins

There are many times when we become our own worst enemy and especially in network  marketing.  Well “Frustrated Network Marketer…Stop It Before It Begins” and I mean that literally. Yeah I know, your asking “What is that supposed to mean?”  Lets start with a little background first, both yours and mine.

I am pretty sure that our background is going to be identical in this regard.  Do you remember when going to elementary or junior high school how it felt after you got out of your network marketing class?  What, you don’t remember, well neither do I.  How about in senior high?  You don’t remember that either, oh wait don’t panic, you’re not having a memory lapse.  In fact you can’t remember because the class didn’t exist.  Even in college there are no classes for teaching network marketing. We are just seeing it being introduced to some colleges and universities now.

When you were a child how much time did anyone  spend teaching you about network marketing?  Can’t remember that either?  Well the simple fact is, it didn’t happen.

When you finally chose your career how long did you go to school, how long did it take you to master the skills you use in your daily employment?  I bet that it did not come to you in your sleep did it?

You go to an opportunity meeting and get that great business presentation complete with hype and high expectations and now you are set to go make your dreams come true.  You are so excited and rearing to   get this business up and running.  So you go out and talk to everyone you know about this new business.  You tell them about the great products and go as far as to read the scientific data on the products.  You then proceed to tell them about this new business opportunity, why they need to get into the deal and they would be crazy not to.  After some time passes you find that the family had a reunion and somehow forgot to invite you.  Friends seem to have stopped calling and when you call them you always seem to get the answering machine.  No one seems interested in what you have to offer.  In the industry that is called “fire hosing” and it just does not work.

My question to you is simply this: “What made you think you could just jump into network marketing without having proper skills and expect to be an overnight success?  You have proper skills for your job so why would it be any different in network marketing?

If you are new and thinking about joining a network marketing opportunity you can stop the frustration and failure before they even begin by arming yourself with the proper skills.  If you are already in the industry you can stop the repeat frustration by learning the skills that work.

If you would like to learn proper skills or hone up your skills then contact us and learn skills passed on by Tom “Big Al” Schreiter who is a legend in the industry.





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“You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him discover it within himself.” — Galileo

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