Frustrated Marketer–I Threw The Rope But…

You are drifting down the river in a canoe, headed for a waterfall that drops 100 feet to a small basin  and onto sharp jagged rocks.  You lost yourimage paddle in the last rapids.  As you near the brink of the waterfall you have 1 chance so you dig out your cell phone and call for help.  “I need your help now” and then hang up the phone.  I race to a river and throw out the rescue rope but you do not grab it and you go over the falls to your demise.  Hey wait “I threw the rope but you did not grab it”, I was at the wrong river.  You never gave the directions I needed for me to help you.  Frustrated marketer-I threw the rope but…, cannot count the the number of times people have reached out for help but did not provide the right directions.

If your network marketing experience has become a frustration and struggling experience you may want to reach out for help from those who are successful in the industry.  There are skills to be learned and habits that bring about success but only if learned from reputable successful marketers.  These imagesuccessful marketers can only help you if you want the help. It is up to you at this point in time, in your network marketing experience, whether you are serious about receiving the help you need.

I cannot count how many times our eBook has been downloaded but the contact information provided is bad.  My questions at this point would be, “How serious are you about your business?  Do you enjoy the frustration and struggling you are going through?  Are you interested in gaining the skills and information you need to have success?

If you took the step to download my eBook then my conclusion would be you are looking for something.  If you are afraid you will be hit with an opportunity or product presentation I will tell you that you won’t be.  That is not how my wife and I do business and in fact have a lot of respect for anybody we make contact with.  If the correct contact information has been provided our 1st call will involve asking you if you received the download ok? Did you have a chance toimage read it and what did you think?  Of course the very first question is: Is this a good time to call or is there another time that would be convenient?  Having respect for the person on the other end of the phone is paramount.

If a call is done properly then it will have no hidden agenda and my main concern is to help the person I have contacted.  This is not about me but about them.  This is where my listening skills are needed so I can ascertain what the other person is looking for and what help is needed.

If you are afraid of being slammed or spammed with an opportunity or product may I make a suggestion?  Create a free Gmail account and use that account as your initial contact and if you find the help you are looking for then provide your primary email account.  This is the method my wife and I use so we can filter out the spammers and get to the real marketers who are seeking help.

imageDon’t be afraid to seek out the help you need but make sure you receive the respect that each and every person deserves.  Make sure you provide the proper contact information so you can get the help and skills you need.

Could you do me a favour?  Ask yourself, each time you look at your bonus check, How much bigger would my bonus check be if I had only filled out my proper contact information and received the training and help that Darlene and Dave offer for free?

Looking for help? Click HELP and learn how to make those bonus checks grow.

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Dave and Darlene Mills
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I cannot tell you what to think but I can teach you how to think.  Learn to be a critical thinker for your own protection.

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