Frustrated – How to Increase Your Current MLM Income

Are you Frustrated and wondering – How to Increase Your Current MLM Income? Well we have done some research and found some odd suggestions from Monitium. Monitium  has boldly suggested that

“The only way to increase your current MLM income is to increase the size of your team in any given company, which takes a lot of effort.”

What a myth and misconception on the part of Monitium. (Our opinion) There is one way  to   increase your income. Nothing has changed with the MLM business model of the past 70 plus years…it still holds true today.  How then do you increase  your current MLM income?   You do so through your own sales efforts. Increase your sales volume, INCREASE YOUR INCOME!

It is NOT through sign up bonuses as bonuses are a one time payment to you.  BONUSES are not residual income and will not result in long term MLM success and increased income. (Royalty)  Residual is through your product sales, which of course can come from your business sign ups (New sign ups do order product) and your personal customer base, (Non interested MLM partners).

Learn about the value and benefits of your service or product,tomlyd (note I did not say become an expert and science genius) and the PROPER way to present them to others rejection free. (Tom Schreiter’s Magic Sequences of Words works GREAT). This is how the most successful network marketers have increased their incomes through the centuries. 

However Monitium (and other companies) see things in a hugely different light.

According to their own website….:

“Your first major step in securing long-term financial success is to stop fixating on any one MLM company or their products and start focusing on your business…”

“You’ll never need to talk, or worry about who has the best compensation plan, vitamin, lotion, juice, weight loss product, etc.”

“You need to remember that you alone and not one particular MLM company must remain the focus here. You are the real product that’s being sold here, which is then followed by the MLM companies’ product. Many new MLM Home Based Entrepreneurs get this backwards and lose their own identity as a business owner because they’re too busy promoting a particular MLM company or product.”

We have a huge issue with Monitium’s modus operandi.  The issue…. the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) and this very definitive document in which the FTC with out a doubt describes the attractability for purchasing an MLM company’s products as being the defining benchmark that separates LEGITIMATE, LEGAL companies from illegal pyramid schemes. 

The FTC clearly states that:   (And by the way, the FTC can take you and your company out of business faster than you can blink if you and the company are not following the strict laws that DO govern MLM business models.)

There must be a genuine affinity for the products being purchased, that they are being purchased due to their intrinsic value, and would have been purchased anyway even if there were no income opportunity attached. If, however, the products are being purchased primarily as a means to qualify in the compensation plan, then even a company with good products can still be deemed a pyramid scheme.

With this very definitive statement what is the modus operandi for purchasing the member company’s products within the Monitium business model? I can not imagine how anyone on the leadership team (Management) could even begin to argue that the reps joined because of the intrinsic value of the products that were offered by the membership companies? Where is there any real interest in the product? Remember the FTC looks at the merit of any product of any MLM company being sold because the product is good, NOT because someone will be compensated for selling the product.   I know that  the large majority of those who joined Monitium in the early stages did not even know what the products the distributors would have to purchase.

When I was asked to look at this company  reps did not have a say or have a choice in what products were added to the portfolio. Not only were reps told what products they must purchase (to qualify for compensation), Monitium constantly tells there reps:

not to “fixate” or “worry about” the products.

Monitium tells you as a private business owner at home   the rest of us are “too busy promoting (our) company or product.” Imagine that, isn’t that what Mr. Dell and Steve Jobs did/do.  They focus on their company, I bet Donald Trump does the same thing. 

We have approximately 70 plus years of successful and failed attempts at network marketing to look back upon so we CAN see what really does work, and of course; what doesn’t work! Everything has already been tried, we do not need to make up new systems and portfolio programs.  We only need to work with the MLM business models that DO work. Learn the skills and find success.

Would it be ok if you stop by for the next installment of Tom Big Al Schreiter’s Magic Sequences of Words in Part 2

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2 thoughts on “Frustrated – How to Increase Your Current MLM Income

  1. Excellent article Darlene. Not sure how I would feel to be part of a business that I had absolutely no control over.. You bring to light some excellent points and I believe everyone should read this, regardless of what company they are affiliated with…

    Looking forward to reading some more of your posts =)

  2. Thank you Angela for stopping by our blog to leave a comment. And thank you for your kind words. Very encouraging to hear positive feedback.

    We agree Angela…how would someone really feel to be a part of a company and have no idea what product you are selling. WOW

    We look forward to your stopping by again.

    Darlene and Dave

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