Frustrated Employee-Release Your Unrevealed Capability

Are you like 90% of the work force who feel like a frustrated employee? Then release your unrevealed capability.

Admit it, there are times  you just do not want to get up and go to work. You have also wondered why some people seem to have it really good. They, in your opinion are the “lucky” ones, they got all the talent and capability to make it big in this world. You know the ones…actors, sports superstars and the “lucky” business person.

Well believe it or not you can unleash your capability and go from ho-hum and mediocre to “that’s what I’m talking about”.


By doing what you have secretly been doing since about the age of five.  It is so secret that you didn’t even realize you were doing it.  The thing is you could have been receiving a pay check for this unrevealed capability.

Around the age of five we become little social butterflies and begin to interact with people other than our family members. Your unrevealed capability is developed through this interaction.

What is the unrevealed capability that everyone posses and begins to cultivate at the age of five?

It is recommending or referring things to our family, friends, school mates and co-workers. Now that we are older and adults we recommend things other than toys we may have seen on commercials.

We tell our friends and family about a special sale on shoes or tools, that AWESOME movie we just saw, and the best restaurant in town. We talk and refer many different things, like that unforgettable hockey game between Canada and Russia in 1972 and that winning goal by Paul Henderson.  What do you think was the conversation at work the next day?

Paul Henderson was the “guy”.  The goal was replayed on news broadcasts from sports desks around the world and it was relived in our minds over and over again as we told everyone how “lucky” Paul Henderson was to have been the guy to take the winning shot on goal.  

This is your Unrevealed Capability.  UNFORTUNATELY, most people use this Unrevealed Capability every day but they just did not receive compensation for it. Yes, you can get paid for what you are already doing.

You see, there are very few people who realize they can capitalize on this secret and get  paid for it. There are many who take advantage of this secret and have been doing it for years.  The word is getting around…more and more people are joining in to make money online in their own home based business in network marketing. 

The fact is many people around the world are recommending and referring and getting paid for recommending a wide range of products and service that may include cleaning products, air filters, water filters, vitamins, minerals, nutritional supplements, cosmetics, computers, long distance, cell phones, shopping malls, and the list goes on.

These people told others about the products and services that they purchased and at the end of the month they received a referral check for telling others about the wonderful product or service.

You do have a choice, you can…recommend your favourite restaurant, car dealership or long distance provider and not receive a check at the end of the month or you can get paid for doing this referring and promoting.

Would the decision to get paid be a  better option?  Yes? Why?

Because making the decision to utilize your Unrevealed Capability is much better than being like most people who use it and never get paid.

If you are ready to learn how you can get paid for using your Unrevealed Capability and are now inspired to make some changes in your life for 2012, you’ll want to learn the skills you need to grow and evolve your unrevealed capability.  So take control, and get into action and contact us to see where we can help you get paid for your Unrevealed Capability.

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Dave and Darlene Mills
Leadership With A Vision


I know that just one idea, one good thought, one possibility that comes my way, can change my life for the better. So each day, I look for every new idea, and every bright moment or thought that turns darkness into light, and helps me become the incredible person I have chosen to be. ~Shad Helmstetter   




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2 thoughts on “Frustrated Employee-Release Your Unrevealed Capability

  1. Darlene, great post about our Unrevealed Capability of being Network Marketers. By the way I just love this line “Well believe it or not you can unleash your capability and go from ho-hum and mediocre to “that’s what I’m talking about””. 🙂

  2. Hey James, thanks for stopping by to comment. We appreciate it. I loved that line too!!!

    The thing is we can reveal that hidden talent….if we want to….understanding that we are already doing this makes perfect sense to want to find out more of what recommending and promoting is all about.

    ~Darlene and Dave

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