Focused MLM – Do Others See You As A Focused Entrepreneur?

imageThere are various degrees of focus and various points of focus.  When we say we are focused, what do those who are looking at us see?  To what degree are you focused?

When you ask yourself that question we really want to know how those we work with, see us, and is it to the advantage of our team or just myself.  If we are not focused enough on the task at hand others begin to doubt our leadership.  When we are not focused enough it takes far longer to accomplish a task than it should.  If we are leading a team which is a part of our business then they will fall into the same course of action, taking longer to accomplish a team goal.  If your team does not see results because you have taught them to be lightly focused then you may find your attrition rate climb and you will find that you will need to recruit at a faster pace to fill the holes.

imageFocus also has a danger if you become over focused.  This may happen if you have sponsored a new business partner into your team, began their training and then became too focused on your own tasks at hand.  At this degree you will not be aware of the needs of your team  and chances are you will put off helping them in order to get your own tasks accomplished.  Your new business partner may feel they have been left on their own, eventually leave or move on, when they feel they are not being taught or led to the next step.  This is a very common occurrence.

imageThe focus you need is a balanced focus where you are focused on your organization as a whole.  The degree of focus must be balanced in order for your organization to run like a well oiled machine.  As a leader you need to teach your team how to focus and remember they will emulate what they see.

The second type of focus is pointed focus.  When a potential prospects sees you, what do they see?  Are you promoting a single opportunity or is it multiple streams of income.  My question to the multiple streams of income would be “Which company or affiliate program do you bring your new recruit into or which opportunity do you present to them?”   What does the prospect see?  Do they see focus or do they perceive a scattered mind?  To many it would confuse them when it comes to choosing one of the opportunities  that you have available to them.  I know that when people become confused they tend to move on to find an opportunity they perceive as being a single choice. Too many choices breeds doubt.

As a promoter of several streams of income, what will beimage the stream that you focus on today?  How about tomorrow?  In your mind you are always promoting the deal you think is going to be your ticket to freedom or wealth today.  “Will it be….?”

My personal friend and mentor, Michael Dlouhy has said: “If you cannot find your financial and time freedom with one opportunity, What makes you think you can do it with multiple opportunities?”  Michael knows the industry and is very successful and has been in the industry long enough and has analysed enough companies to know that one, Five Pillar Company is all that is needed to reach your goals and dreams.

imageWhen you are promoting a single opportunity people see you as being focused whereas if you are promoting multiple opportunities at the same time you appear to Be scattered.

How do you want others to see you?  Focused or scattered.  If you evaluate yourself as being scattered but want to be focused then stop, step back and evaluate.  Look at what you are doing and decide what it is that is making you scattered in your eyes as well as those looking in.  If you need to make adjustments and are unsure where to begin, feel free to contact us and we would be more than happy to give you our time and effort to get you headed in the right direction.  “The road to a balanced focus.” 

I cannot tell you what to think but I can teach you how to think. Learn to be a critical thinker for your own protection.


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2 thoughts on “Focused MLM – Do Others See You As A Focused Entrepreneur?

  1. So important and so difficult. It seems too often that the “grass is greener on the other side of the fence” and you don’t know what to promote until you realize the importance of focusing.

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