Does Life Hurt Enough To Get Off the Nail

Are you like the majority of  people who hate your job, but you think well it could really be worse…I only have a few more years before I retire.  But wait when I retire I will have to live on less than 2/3 the income I can not live on now.  Does life hurt enough to get off the nail?

How are your credit cards looking?  Are they maxed out? Each week you pay up for the lottery pool at work, and just hope and hope against all odds that you will win the million and pay off the credit debt, the mortgage and the car. No time right now to think about the MLM opportunity that your Facebook friend shared with you just yet.  Does life hurt enough to get off the nail?

You have missed quality time with your kids, after the maternity leave is up you now have to warehouse the kids in daycare.  But they know you are missing the kids so very much and take lots of pictures for you.  Does life hurt enough to get off the nail?

In the moments that you want to just unwind you spend it surfing the internet where you see opportunity after opportunity to earn an extra weekly check but that laughing baby in slow motion on YouTube is just too funny and you could just watch it over and share it on Facebook everyday with your new friends. Does life hurt enough to get off the nail?

If you know there are things in life that you need to take care of immediately and just don’t feel the need to make a change right away then perhaps the nail does not hurt enough.  Most feel they need to make some change in their life, but some will never get up off their nail because they are so comfortable in their “familiar” zone and change is uncomfortable..more uncomfortable than moving off of a nail.

Does any of this sound familiar to you? If so then welcome to the Nail Sitters Club.

Read the following little story.  And then decide if YOUR nail hurts enough to make a change.

A salesman was going door to door in a small Southern town. Sitting on the porch of almost every residence was a dog. As dogs do, they would bark as he walked by.

As the salesman walked through the little town he kept hearing one dog howling and whining as if it were in pain.   The salesman was in town for several hours and  everythatnail time the man walked by, that dog would whine and howl and never stop. The salesman just could not seem to figure out why  it wouldn’t wag it’s tail and bark like all the other dogs in the town.

Well the salesman just could not take it any longer, he walked up to the porch, past the whining dog, and knocked. An old man opened the door and asked if he could help the young salesman. The salesman said, “Sir, is there something wrong with your dog? Every time I come by here he’s just moaning and groaning, whimpering and whining. What’s wrong with him?

“Well, he’s actually sitting on a nail,” the owner replied. Bewildered, the salesman asked, “Why doesn’t he just get off the nail?” The owner replied,

Well, I reckon it don’t hurt him bad enough yet.

Are you still sitting on a nail?

tomlydTo get started on developing a reason for change  that will help you get off your nail, and if you are unfamiliar with MLM/network marketing, then perhaps learning about the MLM industry is a good place to start.  Read Tom “Big Al” Schreiter’s book “Are You Walking Past a Fortune?”

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Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world. by Joel A. Barker


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