Creating a Successful Online Business from Home, Do Most Fail

I became an entrepreneur at heart when I was 19 years old – it did not take long to realize that I was not being paid what I am worth, but only a share of what I created through my performance.

In these nearly 26 years I changed my occupation from time to time to adapt it to the economic development or underdevelopment that was going on to be able to support myself and then a family or two girls.  Just imagine doing business without a pc or even the internet. When I first started I was going door to door and built a very successful AVON business.  (President’s Club (highest level of achievement possible)  every campaign for 12 years with over 600 customers, not bad for a tiny community. It was built on know like and trust relationships.) 

It’s been an adventure to say the least, with the changing economy which no longer permits for travel to sell door to door or to attend weekly meetings and pep rallies.  Looking back it took more to build the business because  of extra expenses such as purchasing my own catalogues, meals, gas, tires, oil changes and of course product samples.  My thoughts on this now are, “If the company wants me to sell their product should the promotional material, i.e. catalogues and samples not be at a more reasonable price, and why leave the comfort of my own home, when customers are only a mouse click away?

20+ years back I picked up network marketing, AVON, which at the time was not known as network marketing to most who joined the opportunity, it was direct sales.  I got involved because my mother was a representative for many years, making a “little” extra income for herself. 

Before I joined my first MLM company, I  believed  the MLM industry (network marketing) to be a pyramid scheme. I use to say, "Why should I pay a company to give me a job". This was how I looked at this networking industry.

Why did I take this stand? Because of some human misrepresentations. On a few occasions while searching for a job I would come across an ad in the newspaper; it was "full of promise" and “luring”, so I "invested" my time to go to the "interview" only to realize, it was yet another  MLM presentation; another opportunity meeting.

Once I did decide to join my first MLM, I  learned the hard way – there was nobody there who knew how it worked.   Unfortunately  for lack of  education or knowledge on my part, I had to start over  only to realize that there are many corrupt opportunities online looking to just take your money. After my third attempt at this industry I did my due diligence and found a mentor who could educate me about  how to avoid scams and schemes. And I learned how to search for a company that would provide for me and my family for the rest of my life, a company that is 5 Pillars or more.  

Make no mistake, when you are selling a fish, make sure to advertise the fish. . .be truthful, honest and have integrity in the opportunity. Be Honest, have Integrity, say what you really want to say.

Once you join an MLM company, remember, it Is up to YOU, you are the only one who is responsible for your success. Your up line is responsible to guide and help you and point you in the right direction to find correct  information as you build friendship.

My co-operation with an international team of mentors now puts me in a position to be able to help anyone in MLM to make sure that they need not go through similar challenges and simply can build a business to last, a business that will help them to live a life others can only dream of. Most people have this dream at heart – some don’t they prefer to live their "ego" – it is a matter of choice : )

And when you want to learn more about this amazing industry contact us and we will give you our most valuable asset. Our time.

To Your Success
Darlene and Dave Mills 

Leadership With A Vision

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