Could Archie Bunker Sponsor Albert Einstein With This Objection?

As a network marketer our only responsibility is to  present the opportunity and just wait for tom-new-head-smalla response of a “yes” or a “no” from the prospect.  There will be objections and they are not necessarily a bad thing, according to Tom “Big Al” Schreiter, it does not mean that the prospect has rejected you, but they  have said no to the opportunity at this time.  It  just means that  your prospect is thinking about your opportunity or they don’t want to rush into something they don’t fully understand just yet.

It is not our responsibility to “bully”, coerce or belittle someone into our deal.

Sometimes the prospect wants to know how much money you are making?  When trying to sponsor someone like “Elbert Einstein” into your albert business this question is  an objection you will receive from  time to time.  “Albert Einsteins” want to know all the facts and details.  Being prepared and actually knowing when and what  to say next  will make sponsoring people less like you have been rejected and more like building relationships.

When a prospect asks you the next time, “How much money are you making?”,  just tell them this,  “It is not about how much I am making, it’s about what you will be able to create for residual income for yourself.  My level of income has nothing to do with what you will be able to create for yourself. 

Never break this cardinal rule of network marketing.  (I know you see it done all the time, but do not do it.) The key to handling the “how much archiemoney are you making?” objection is to never, never  tell your prospects how much you are making. Why you ask??… It is by law considered enticement and illegal.  It is no matter  what I am able to create for residual income, what does matters is how much they can make in residual income.   You are presenting your prospect with a chance to make as much money as they can.

The tricky thing is that when you as an “Archie Bunker”are asked this question you may want to just run off at the mouth and tell everything.  The problem with this is that you may be a brand new recruit yourself and have made nothing for residual income as of yet and your prospect will think that they will not be able to create anything in the way of residual income and they will not see you as a leader but a “newbie”.  On the other hand  you could be a seasoned network marketer who has moved up the ranks and is now  making $5000-$10,000 per month or more and the recruit will be expecting to be making this kind of residual income in three or four months time as well without realizing that it takes time to work up in the ranks. It is unfair to both the sponsor and the recruit.

Another key is that you always want the conversation to be about the prospect.  You have to focus on them and what they can do.   Your results are not necessarily going to be their results; funny thing is and I have seen this happen, that sometimes  the recruit actually does better than the person who sponsored them into the business. 

Could  Archie Bunker sponsor Albert Einstein, learn the color personality technology to learn how to sponsor others into your business.

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One thought on “Could Archie Bunker Sponsor Albert Einstein With This Objection?

  1. Another great post! I am impressed with the insights you present.
    strangely enough I found – once you have the right answer to a tricky question you will never be asked that question again.
    Surprising how universe works!

    Frieke Karlovits

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