Contingency Planning-Developing a Good “Plan B”

Hurricanes, fires, floods, tornadoes, even bankruptcy – these are the things we often associate with contingency planning. But what if you are suddenly told that you are fired? Do you know that developing a good “Plan B” NOW can save you a lot of heartache in the future.

Can you just imagine for a moment that you are sitting at your desk…and your boss walks up to you and taps you on your shoulder and says, “I’ve got some good news and imagesome bad news.”

What would you normally want to hear first?

Yes the bad news. So your boss tells you, “Well the bad news is you’re fired!” And you’re thinking “WOW”, that really is bad news.

You think that this is pretty embarrassing and  how awful it will be to go home and tell your spouse that you just got fired. What if you couldn’t find a job for another year or you might have to drive way across town to get another job; that wouldn’t pay near as much as you were getting paid now.

Is this bad news?  YES

So you panic and turn to your boss and say, “what is the good news?” Your boss says, “The good news is, you have the rest of the afternoon off.” So now you really panic and ask your boss if there is any way to keep you?

Your boss says, “Well the jobs have all been outsourced internationally and they took all our jobs and there is only going to be a handful of people left on staff.  If you want to be one of the people we keep on staff, you would have to agree to work one hour overtime every day, for FREE, Monday through Friday from 5 pm to 6 pm.  You have to work one hour overtime, for free everyday. If you did that we could afford to keep you.

What do you suppose most ordinary people would say?

Yes, exactly, they would agree and say yes in a heart beat. Isn’t that amazing that they would agree.

So the boss says, “Well ok if you want to agree and you are willing to do that, work an hour overtime, Monday through Friday from 5 -6 pm for free; if you’re willing to do that, I tell you what…you can be part of the team.  And for you helping us out through this tough period, here is what the company is willing to do for you…If you don’t miss any time doing this…at the end of two years here is what the company is going to let you do…retire at FULL PAY.”

So now what are you thinking? Yeah, woo whoooo, best day of your life, right? You’re thinking wow, if I do this for two years I can retire at full pay…

How many would think that this is pretty good news?

Everyone would be excited.

So you run home and you tell your spouse about your plans to work overtime for free. image

You work the hour overtime everyday for about 6 months…and you’re at a party. At this party some of your friends are saying to you…”Oh man look at you. You are just so stupid and pathetic. Look at you; you are working an hour overtime everyday for FREE…the company is taking advantage of you. Just quit that job and get a job where they are going to pay you for all your hours.

What would you say?

“No, I only have 18 months to go and then I can retire at full pay.”

So you do it for about18 months working that extra hour, you come home and your spouse says…”You know what dear, we miss you for dinner…quit that job, get a new job where you come home an hour earlier for dinner.”  What would you say? No way, only 6 months to go and I can retire at full pay.

And you would do this for two years and at the end of two years you could retire at full pay. Would that be awesome?

Unfortunately your job doesn’t offer that benefit. But network marketing does. Here is a simple “Plan B” that anyone can begin working TODAY.


When you join a network marketing business that is what happens…You are just going to work one hour every day, Monday through Friday talking to people. If you talk to people just one hour every day, Monday through Friday at the end of two years  your bonus would be enough to equal your full time income and you can retire at full pay.

I know what you are thinking…Ohhhh, yeah, yeah, yeah…I would like to try it, but I just don’t know what to say.

Of course you are just starting you don’t have any skills yet. But you would learn as you go along…I mean you could learn to do anything in an hour a day for two years…couldn’t you?

You could even learn to play the piano. So maybe the first week you learn to say, “Hi!” and the second week you say, “My name is.” But you would get better. And at the end of two years you could retire at full pay. So what do you think?

The cool thing is that in the right opportunity you would not have to wait for two years before seeing any commissions.  You would start receiving pay from your first sale…but maybe that is a mistake so you could always give it back to me and I could take care of it for you.  (Just kidding)

Seriously though…in the right op you can start  receiving commissions right away. That is how networking works with the RIGHT compensation plan.  You begin to create a good income so the day will eventually arrive that you can retire at full pay.  Never ever listen to the guy that tells you that you will be creating an income of $3000.00 in just 3 hours or 3 months from now.  That is a unusual…it could happen but not likely for the majority of newbies. 

A real business opportunity takes time to create a good substantial income. Now depending on your skill level and your willingness to learn skills this could take less than a year or it could take five plus years…but you could eventually walk away from building your bosses dream and start living your own dream. 

We would work for our boss for two years of overtime at no pay to keep our job, but do we really understand how network marketing works…well the benefit is seeing the results. You still have a day job which is  a good thing because you have to be able to invest in a imagenetwork marketing business and then the glory comes of walking into your bosses office and kicking your feet up on his desk and telling him that you are done…that you are firing him.

So what are you waiting for…start working on your plan B today so you can start living it with the ones you love.


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Dave and Darlene Mills
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“You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him
discover it within himself.” — Galileo


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  1. Paul Getty has already said – you need to be your own boss as you want to work for yourself as in any job you are hired so that the boss will make some profit from your work too.

    Thanks for sharing

    Frieke karlovits

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