Compensation Plans and Math Talk About Frustration

Very few individuals can really say that they totally understand their compensation plan. Compensation plans and math what total frustration this causes. As a network marketer would it not make sense to know how hard you have to work to make the income you hope to make in your company.  Did you know that there is a formula to determine just how hard you have to work, how many active people you will need to make a residual walk away income of, for example of $5000.00 a month.  Knowing that MLM companies often embellish their advertising campaigns will alleviate most of the frustration, but actually analysing your MLM compensation plan would be the best place to get started. 

This video may help to explain the problem.

If you are not making the income that you were promised or you’d like to know more about your network marketing compensation plan, and you regularly use counting blocks to calculate your commissions, contact us and we will help you understand compensation plans.

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