Keep Up With Changing Network Marketing Techniques

Many businesses today advocate "continuous improvement" as part of their quality programs.  This applies to traditional business and MLM.

The focus is apparent that to be able to remain competitive in this current global economy the goal has to be to improve every aspect of the business.  If this fact is overlooked the competition will not be long surpassing them.

Life is a constant and continuous learning and growing experience. Growing and developing your “self” will eventually prepare you for when you do prevail and find success.

Your short- and medium term goals should be realistic and achievable, but your long-term goals should always far outweigh your present capabilities. As the Roman poet Virgil said, "Fortune sides with him who dares."

You have heard that to be successful in network marketing you should brand yourself. Improve you in every aspect.  Learn skills that will lead you to success.  If you are not constantly changing to remain attractive to your onlookers, the competition will move in where you have not kept up with the constant need for change.

MLM skills in marketing have changed substantially over the last several years.  It no longer works to use methods from the ‘70’s.  Making a list of your family and friends does not work.  This method has created a huge membership in the “NFLC”…”No Friends Left Club”.

Spamming your contacts in your bought list does not work. For starters these people did not opt in to receive this information.  And you are more than likely spamming individuals who know nothing of MLM and network marketing and neither do they care to learn. Most on your purchased leads list will be those who were looking for something for nothing such as signing up for a Free computer.


I invite your help to make the network marketing/MLM industry a more respected, truthful and trustworthy profession.

The road to an awesome improved professional industry is through increased knowledge and skills.

It continues to be our best wishes for your success in this industry which can be achieved through education and sharing expert knowledge of the skills that do work today.

To Your Success

Dave and Darlene Mills

Leadership With A Vision

MLM Conniving and Manipulation, Don’t be Taken In



I am sure you are very familiar with many of the eye-catching, heart-pumping ads which you see while surfing the net or someone in your social network has introduced you to. These ads scream,  "We Build IT for You!", Make Thousands of Dollars in Six Months, FREE to JOIN, No Investment Required or Earn $5000 in Fifteen Minutes A Day!" These hyped ads are glamorous and irresistible to most people, especially those who are looking for ways to create income from home.

These ads appeal to our need to make a quick buck, simply because we find ourselves in financial situations that we feel overwhelmed by and seek alternative measures to improve things.  We believe everything we see on TV, in newspapers and now-a-days on the internet as Gospel.   Our greed takes over (in most cases unknowingly), rational reflection flies right out the window. As a  result there have been far too many people who were conned and manipulated out of their hard-earned money.  Unfortunately we know some of these people personally. 

The Makeup of Network Marketing Scams

There is a lot of manipulation going on behind the scenes that most network marketers are not aware of.  Gurus that have been called upon to become the “Master Distributor of a company, in some cases have had their position given to them.  They were “bought”. Yes the company “PAID” to have that big Guru be the top dog in their company.  The “Top Dog” has been lured away at a price from another company, in a lot case bringing a huge downline along with them.  Some of these “gurus” have never built a downline in their career as a network marketer.   The majority of people who enter into MLM businesses are green as grass in business affaires. Often, they bumped into it as they answered an ad on the internet, in a newspaper, or on TV.

Most people have an abundance of logic and common sense, but when it comes to making huge amounts of money, most people seem to have lost  their common sense altogether.  After all,  this could be the opportunity to finally become rich.

Fast, simple and easy or even “on autopilot” are the marketing tricks employed by most scams. In their normal jobs people work very hard as a rule, spending  time and energy on what needs to be done. It is sad stat that all this hard work doesn’t get them where they want to be financially.

Now they see an ad that promises everyone that they can make lots of money with a minimal amount of work. They become victim to emotional marketing  and jump for the offer that might be the key to a financially better lifestyle. But in many cases it is the opportunity to empty their pockets.

Being Cautious is The Cardinal Rule In Business!

Warren Buffett, the famous investor, states: "you can’t do good business with bad people." This should be everybody’s golden rule.

If you want to go into business with someone, be absolutely sure you are dealing with a person of integrity. Intelligence and ambition are fine, but more important is a good, moral character. If the last quality is not there, you are asking for  mischief.

People and MLM companies are transparent – it may not be easy to check them out on the internet, but it is possible. Do NOT miss the opportunity to do your due diligence of the company management team and the company.   It could mean the difference between your success or your failure.

To Your Success

Darlene and Dave Mills

Leadership With A Vision

Frustrated Network Marketer–When The Bad Guys Come A Callin…

It never ceases to amaze me that those I consider to be highly educated find themselves on the wrong side of the law.  Not because they wilfully and openly committed a crime but because they bought a product or service which they thought would save them some money.  How can this happen to highly educated people who should be able to figure out if what they have become involved in is illegal.  The scam artists that perpetrated the scheme prey upon one of the human emotions called greed and exploit it to their own gain and usually the gains are large.  Whether you are a network marketer or a customer buying products or services Frustrated Network Marketer–When The Bad Guys Come A Callin… you need to be educated enough to know what to avoid.

Global Prosperity a company that managed to get 100’s of innocent people, including doctors and lawyers, involved in a tax fraud scheme which cost them jail time.  Even the highly educated can be conned into a scheme, without being aware of the legal implications, because the con men play on the emotion of greed. In this case most people don’t like paying taxes so the cons set up a realistic sounding and professionally presented way of being able to avoid paying taxes by convincing these people to use their tax evasion training which just happened to be illegal.  Doing research and asking the right people questions about this illegal training could have kept them out of trouble in the very beginning.

The top cons then tried to changed the name to Pinnacle Quest so they could continue with the scheme.  It appears that as the  cons get out of prison they are getting back into the scam business again.  As these top scammers and o few from Zeek rewards,  $850 million dollar Ponzi, got together to begin Elite Business Nation.  What chance that this will be a legitimate honest business with those that have started this up when you consider their track record?  Not a chance!

It appears that even the highly educated can get themselves into trouble if they don’t research the products/services of businesses before they get involved.  It is so important to do your research to keep yourself from being scammed and losing  your hard earned cash.  There has been suggestions that there will be a closer watch on the internet businesses by the FBI and more action will be taken to bring down the scammers.  It is also been stated that they will be looking at the distributors who are involved in these scams, most times the distributors are unaware they are involved in a scam, with the intention of bringing charges against them also.  So be aware or you could find yourself in a jail cell because you can’t plead ignorance to the fact you were promoting a scam without your knowledge.

Frustrated Network Marketer–When The Bad Guys Come A Callin…run – run – run.  Do your due diligence so you know who and what to run from.

Commit To Success Today
Dave and Darlene Mills
Leadership With A Vision

“You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him
discover it within himself.” — Galileo

Network Marketers – Beware of Using Celebrity Names… Prominent Individuals Have Sued

It is true that we only hear what we want to hear?  Apparently during one of Oprah’s shows she was discussing with Dr. Oz the benefits of the Acai berry. It was during this show that Oprah also warned marketing companies NOT to use her name as an endorsement for their individual company’s Acai berry products.

Some companies where also using Rachel Ray’s image and name to promote the Acai Berry products. Network Marketers you need to beware of using celebrity names, prominent individuals have sued.

The following statement’s were in an Associated Press article not long ago:

Winfrey and the doctor, who is a frequent guest on her talk show, say the public is being deceived into thinking the two have endorsed products like acai (AH-sah-ee) berry, a fruit touted as a miracle weight loss supplement.

And a note from Dr. Oz:

"Defendants are fabricating quotes or falsely purporting to speak in Dr. Oz’s and/or Ms. Winfrey’s voice about specific brands and products that neither of them has endorsed," the complaint reads.

Oz spoke exclusively to "Good Morning America" against the claims that marketers have allegedly made with his name, calling them "hurtful." "Many Americans have seen images of me, and Oprah and others supporting, it would appear, products that actually don’t work in the ways that are described," Oz said. "And more importantly, when consumers trusting us try to buy these products over the Web, what they end up getting are fake products, pills that don’t really have what’s promised in them. They’re often duped into paying more than they should. If my picture is next to a product, endorsing it and supporting your purchase of it, I did not give them permission."

On August 19/2009 a lawsuit against MonaVie; a premier manufacturer of energy drinks and nutritionals was filed a United States District Court. The suit also named over 40 companies promoting the Acai berry products for prohibited use of their trademarks, names and images.  MonaVie has announced recently that the lawsuit has been resolved harmoniously.

It was alleged that several companies were making illegal and improper health claims, amongst them cures for cancer and promising weight loss with the use of these products. The biggest kicker was offering free trials of the acai products and then billing the customers for shipping and handling fees; which they billed to the customer’s credit cards without permission.

MonaVie was named in the lawsuit for incidents involving unapproved distributor websites and social networking sites—all of which are now currently non-operational or shut down.

MonaVie offered this statement:

“At MonaVie we do not condone the unauthorized use of Oprah Winfrey’s and Dr. Oz’s names, images and trademarks and regret that consumers were misled in any way by others,” says MonaVie President, Dell Brown. “As a first time player in the acai nutritional beverage category, we too have experienced frustration at seeing our own trademarks and licenses misused.

In an agreement among the companies, MonaVie will take every reasonable action to prevent independent distributors from using the names, images or trademarks of Oprah Winfrey and Dr. Oz without permission to advertise their businesses. Any distributor who is found in violation of this agreement will be subject to steep penalties including, but not limited to, the withholding of commissions. In connection with the resolution of the lawsuit, MonaVie has agreed to enter into a stipulated court approved injunction to be filed in the case which addresses the claims made in the lawsuit. Under the injunction, MonaVie is agreeing not to use without permission Oprah Winfrey’s or Dr. Oz’s names, images, or trademarks in any future advertising.

August 19, Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan:

……urged consumers to be cautious of signing up for free trials of acai berry products. Madigan filed consumer fraud lawsuits against three suppliers and a local affiliate marketer of acai berry products charging that the companies lure customers with free trial offers – through aggressive Internet marketing techniques – and then charge customers’ credit cards prematurely, do not always supply the product and make it nearly impossible to cancel.

“We must hold these Internet scammers accountable for their role in a seedy marketing game that steers unsuspecting consumers to online schemes,” Madigan said. “We also need to send a clear message to other marketers and networks in the business of designing misleading, traffic enticing schemes.”


It is really truly unfortunate that there is so much misleading information on the internet.  The thing is that the marketers of the Acai berry are not the only network marketing companies that are stooping to these tactics. Again most unfortunate that much of this flies under the radar of Attorney General offices.

When this sort of behaviour does occur it is important to get the word out so others do not get caught in the scam.

Of importance here is to note that marketers really need to stop and read their companies policies and procedures…the contract, the agreement, whatever you chose to call it, it is a legally binding contract. The distributors who were caught in this deceptive marketing techniques would have seen that they could not be making product claims or design unauthorized websites to promote their products, if they had taken the time to read their agreement.  I have not found any company’s contract yet that does permit a distributor to be making claims of curing diseases and other health claims.

A few bad apples do spoil the lot.  This hurts all of us who are in this industry. Network marketing is a great industry, please stop giving it a bad name. Be careful what you claim.  It may be the very thing that has your company shut down.

To Your Success

Dave and Darlene Mills
Leadership with a vision

Successful Network Marketing –True RESIDUAL Income

Would it be ok if you learned how the “Rich” get rich?  I have heard  a mentor with a servant’s heart explain it like this.  True Residual Income is Successful Network Marketing; riches are achieved like this…

Everybody knows that  when we stop working our income stops coming in.  How much do you get paid if you stop working?  Nothing!!!   If you want results then do as  the “rich” people did to create huge pay checks…get  educated  about making money and learn to create residual income while you sleep. 

Residual or Royalty income is money that keeps coming to you, over and over on a regular basis while you do nothing.  There is an investment  and hard work at first but once you start making a residual income it comes in month after month; even while you  sleep.

Unfortunately, because most  just seem to hope to be rich, the only residual income we will ever earn is the interest from a savings account. Now just  imagine what it would be like if your residual income actually could pay you and your children’s children for the rest of your lives. Imagine that you could even quit your job and fire your boss.

Everybody knows it takes skills to be successful in any profession.  Most people want to be successful in their network marketing business. Everybody says that Mentoring For Free is the best place to learn the necessary skills for success.

Would it be okay with you if we showed you the skills you need to be successful, for free?  Contact us and we would be honoured to pass the skills on to you, then you can begin to change your business and your life.

So what would be easier for you, to learn the skills you need for success or to keep struggling as you have been?

Commit To Success Today
Dave and Darlene Mills
Leadership With A Vision

Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world. by Joel A. Barker