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Is cash gifting legal?  I hear people who are involved in the [opportunity] proclaiming it’s legitimacy.  These hoodwinked folks quote all the clauses to show support of the deal.  But they neglect to provide all of the details.  In Canada it is ILLEGAL to provide gifts of cash to anyone with an income opportunity attached.  You usually do not walk up to perfect strangers and hand them a Fed-Ex envelope stuffed with a magazine full of cash/check, with the intent that they too will seek others to do the same thing.  There is paying it forward and then there is “paying it forward”.

In an article published Feb 2009 by MLMWatchdog, Rod Cook, the Canadian Mounties, (equivalent to the USA FBI) were outraged to discover that a group of scammers were promoting the cash gifting program as being endorsed by the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police).

The gifting scammers screwed up Royally.mounties  They claimed RCMP endorsed them!  A group called ‘Women Empowering Women’ made a huge marketing mistake by using a  recruiting claim/slogan that the program was “endorsed by Mounties”.  It was a recruiting method that obviously was not so well thought out by this group of wanna be marketers. The slogan was used as pure enticement  to get more women into the scam! Women were flocking to hand over five thousand dollars to join the scam. The women arrested where all upper middle class and some had professional credentials.

The RCMP always get their man.

Click on the link below and LISTEN TO – RCMP Constable Jackie Pasarell crush the darlings!

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since they are booming during the recession stealing people from you!


Here is the section of the Criminal Code that pertains to this issue (taken from here:

Criminal Code PART VII:


Gaming and Betting 206. (1) Every one is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years who (e) conducts, manages or is a party to any scheme, contrivance or operation of any kind by which any person, on payment of any sum of money, or the giving of any valuable security, or by obligating himself to pay any sum of money or give any valuable security, shall become entitled under the scheme, contrivance or operation to receive from the person conducting or managing the scheme, contrivance or operation, or any other person, a larger sum of money or amount of valuable security than the sum or amount paid or given, or to be paid or given, by reason of the fact that other persons have paid or given, or obligated themselves to pay or give any sum of money or valuable security under the scheme, contrivance or operation;

Know this, anyone looking into cash gifting; a pyramid scheme will loose it’s momentum and fast. The “business model” or structure of the scam is built in such away that it always falters and burns up. It’s a fact”! 

Unfortunately too many people act spontaneously, many people do not think the whole deal through.

The best thing that can happen from these situations is that people will learn from the mistakes and misfortunes of others. There is nothing to be ashamed of, just don’t do it ever! 

Those who engineered this scam will be in some pretty hot water for sure.

The lesson to be learned form this is to be watchful of those who are considering cash gifting as a means of making a quick buck.  If you do care about them then try to speak to them rationally as they will also try to involve YOU.

The majority of the women involved in this are neither naive, stupid nor malicious.  They saw an opportunity to improve their financial lives and in their circumstances and  did not consider the consequence.

Be careful out there, not everything that looks good is. Thank you Rod Cook for keeping us always up to date. Check out is site at

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