Big Al Logic–Tough Prospects Who Believe They Shouldn’t or Can’t Do Network Marketing

We get so very frustrated as network marketers by times, more times than we even MLM Suicidecare to admit.  But there is one man, Tom Big Al Schreiter who has been sharing world wide his Big Al Logic.  Please read below to hear from the Tall Dark Handsome Texan himself how he works with tough prospects who believe they shouldn’t or can’t do network marketing.

Tom Shares:

My kamikaze wife teaches me a cool prospecting lesson while driving at 105 mph.

My wife is speeding along at 105 mph. I’m sitting quietly in the passenger seat, mostly because my fear is making it impossible for me to speak.

Finally I blurt out,
“Dear, you shouldn’t be going 105 mph!”  My wife calmly turns to me and says:
“But dear, you are also going 105 mph.”

How could I argue with that logic? I guess I just wasn’t seeing things from her point of view.
It’s the same principle when we talk with tough prospects. They believe that they can’t or shouldn’t do network marketing.

We can instantly change their point of view by saying:
“Most people do network marketing every day, but they just don’t get paid for it.”  Then we can explain how everyone recommends and promotes things every day, and we just choose to get paid for it instead of doing it for free.

Now the prospects are thinking:
“Hmmm, there are two types of people in the world. Those that collect a network marketing check every month, and those that don’t. Which group do I want to be in?”

We have effectively changed the prospects’ point of view. Now the prospects believe that they are already networking, so we can skip that entire part of our presentation.

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