Are You Still Trading Time for Money

Everything, EVERYTHING happens for a reason. So it would not be right for me to wish that I could have known 25 years ago what I know now. That would not be the plan that was created for me, long before I was born. That would be playing with God. If things were different I do not believe that I would be in the awesome place I am now in my life to be able to help others end their poverty minded consciousness by being a mentor with a servant’s heart.

Funny I hear many people tell me that they have a ton of regrets in their life.  Fortunately I no longer think that way.  I can not be of two minds; wishing myself back in time to start over again and believing that everything in life happens for a reason at the perfect time that it is suppose to happen.

We all go through life wondering just what is our purpose in life.  Many never know the answer to that question.  Fortunately I listened to my heart and listened to the still small voice and have learned what my true calling is in life.  It is my purpose along with my  husband to educate as many people that will listen about the truth before they get caught in the circle of life,  and find themselves unable to get off the hamster wheel of life, going absolutely no where.

This is why God has put us in this educating/teaching position. To plant seeds of ending poverty and instilling HOPE in the minds of all who will listen to their still small voice; so they will be inspired to reach the GREATNESS  that dwells inside them.

I am sure you have heard this old saying before, “The best way to learn something, is to teach it”

The teaching begins here:

How many know that there are two types of income in the world, but only one will give you freedom, only one will let you own your life? (Which can also mean owning your mind.)

Have you heard of  Linear Income. Linear income is giving/trading YOUR time for money, your pay check.  If you are like most people, you have to work for a living. If you don’t punch the clock you don’t get paid…Linear Income

An example: when a mail carrier delivers the mail to your door he gets paid. When the mail is delivered for the day his shift ends, he stops getting paid for that day until he returns to work the next day.

When a heart surgeon performs surgery, she gets paid. When she stops performing surgery for the day, her shift is over at the hospital and she stops getting paid for the day until she returns to perform surgery the next day.

Even though the surgeon makes a lot more money than the mail carrier, they are both in the same financial situation, each are  trading their time for money.

That’s how linear income works. You receive income ONLY when you work, when you STOP working for the day, your income stops. OUCH!

The second type of income is totally different, it’s called Royalty Income. All successful  actors, authors (and others) have learned to create Royalty income which has made many Multi-Millionaires. They KNOW the secret to creating true wealth is through creating Royalty Income. 

Royalty/residual income is when you do the work one time and do it RIGHT you get paid over and over, month after month, year after year for the work you did right once.

Do you know who Michael Jackson is? Well, Michael did it right one time and signed a contract with Pepsi for which he received a Royalty check from Pepsi every month, until he Elvisdied. Now his children receive the check.

Do you know who Elvis Presley is? Well Elvis did it right one time by writing hit records and now his daughter receives a Royalty check every month from his record label, for the rest of her life and when she dies her children will receive the check.

Have you heard of Harry Potter? Well, J.K. Rowling theLisaMarie author of Harry Potter did it right one time by writing the Harry Potter series, and today she collects a Royalty check from her publishing company every single month. She never has to write another book.

MJ, Elvis, J.K. Rowling and other Multi-Millionaires have figured it out, they have figured out how to make money, while they SLEEP.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Royalty income is great for the Jackson’s, Elvis’s, and Rowling’s of the world, but I can not sing like Michael Jackson,  dance like Elvis, or write a best-seller like J.K. Rowling.

How is Royalty Income Created? Well allow me to explain how you too can create Royalty Income.  YOU too can receive weekly royalty/residual checks in your mailbox for thousands of dollars each. Allowing you to do all the things you want in your life. You can achieve your DREAMS as long as you create a plan that will allow you to leave a legacy for your children and your children’s children.

Have you ever heard? “The Rich get Richer and the Poor get Poorer”.  Allow me to tell you that this is not by happenstance. It is NO accident, it is a well thought out plan. The “Rich” understand something that the rest of the world does not fully understand; they  understand the secret to true wealth. Guess what? So do you now! 

It is NEVER TOO LATE to learn this or to understand the concept. However; the younger you are when you understand this and take advantage of the concept, how rewarding would your life be if you understood and implemented this concept  for  the rest of your life?  You could lead the way and change the poverty consciousness of many generation that follows you.

The difference between the rich and the poor, the rich teach their children about Royalty Income. They teach them to go to school get an education and then turn their attention to  creating a Royalty Income.

The rest of the world is teaching their children about Linear Income. They teach them to go to school get an education then go find a job. Often our children are encouraged to skip the education and get a job. 

So ask yourself, what’s going to be easier, working your entire life earning a Linear Income and passing that mentality down to your children or learning a system to create a Royalty Income, and passing that mentality down to your children.

(Don’t hate the player, hate the game) better yet; don’t  hate the game, JUST DO IT, GET IN THE GAME, AND PLAY WITH ALL OF YOUR HEART!

Commit To Success Today
Dave and Darlene Mills
Leadership With A Vision

Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world. by Joel A. Barker

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