Are YOU a Mentor With a Servant’s Heart to Your People

There is unfortunately an over abundance of  people who struggle and work really hard but are never able to thrive in Network Marketing.  Why is that? Have you ever asked yourself this question?  My answer would be you have to find a mentor with a servant’s heart who will be your support and will teach you to become a mentor with a servant’s heart.  And so on and so on.  But what do others say about this matter?

In my search for answers to this question I found that Mentor and Coach Mike Lewis figured out over the years why MOST never ever make it as a successful network marketer.

He concluded that most people who are attracted to Network Marketing are following guidelines and techniques by people who find this stuff real easy. These are people who can  talk to strangers easily, people who are not afraid in a crowd and who can do presentations, people who are clever headline writers and who love to run adds in the classifieds. These people just seem to be natural born sales people.  These skills and techniques all  come natural to them.  It is  like riding a bicycle, they’ are just being who they are once they know how to do it. They’re just doing what  appears to be their God given talent.

So what is the problem with that? There is no problem unless they expect YOU to convert to being THEM.  The problem arises when they want to change everybody else to being little “mini ME’s”  and expect everybody else to be born natural salespeople like them…and never teach the real skills to building an online business from home.

Most  unsuccessful Networkers are caring, thoughtful, articulate, and very  industrious people, and many are excellent business people in other fields. Yet they struggle to even get off the starting line with their Network Marketing Business.

They   walk alone in shadows, searching for light and answers…They go to their upline or the company to ask for support, direction and guidance, but constantly get referred back to those old useless sales techniques likes these and are told:

  • “Great! Just 99 more “NO”s and you’ll get lucky!” Sooner or later if you throw enough spaghetti it will stick.  Great idea, everyone likes rejection don’t they?
  • “It’s a numbers game.”
  • “You must close the sale.”
  • “You are not Working hard enough.” “You are not  committed enough.”
  • “You are not serious enough about your business.”
  • “Put your life on hold and get focused.”

Sooner or later Networkers clearly see it doesn’t work for most of the people, so they resign themselves to the fact that there is something wrong with them. There is absolutely  nothing wrong with them!  No one has ever taken them by the hand to actually teach them the skills.  No one has believed in them until they could believe in themselves.

These natural born sellers, Heavy Hitters, Gurus and Number One Spaceship Commanders will tell you that Network Marketing is a Sales Business. It’s NOT! When you figure this out you will be on your way to learning just what network marketing is all about.

Network Marketing is a teaching and mentoring business. Your product is People. So study people. Find out how you can help them reach their dreams. Teach others what does work TODAY to build a successful business.  It is not about converting people to be you or belittling their personalities, physical appearance,  handicaps or their abilities or lack thereof. It is about building others up and recognizing their every achievement.

People join people who they know like and trust. They don’t join companies, that is just the end result. People don’t care that the president of your company is a family man and has 3 or 4 families to prove it. Build People.  People will build the business. If you treat them like a number, you have no future in Network Marketing.

To Succeed long-term, you need to become a mentor with a Servant’s heart. When you do, people will ask you to PLEASE sponsor them into your business.

Are you a mentor with a Servant’s heart?  Have you found a Mentor with a Servant’s Heart to help you?

Commit To Success Today
Dave and Darlene Mills
Leadership With A Vision

“You cannot teach a man anything. You can only help him discover it within himself.” — Galileo

PS:  Please do not spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on mlm training and mentoring.  You can get quality training and learn the skills for Free.



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5 thoughts on “Are YOU a Mentor With a Servant’s Heart to Your People

  1. Great post Darlene & Dave … those who have put this principle into practice, are those who are truly making a difference and find themselves attracting many who want to be a part of what they are doing.

    Thanks again!

    ~ Donnie

  2. I LOVE your header!! LOL

    Great post! This has really helped me to see things a little more clearly. I truly believe that it is about the people and helping others to succeed. With that as the focus and a never give up attitude, success will find you.



  3. I really enjoyed your post and look forward to learning from you.I’ve thought of myself as a person that you describe above because I had a brick and mortar business in the past that I started with no money, only my character and integrity, and everything I learned from salesman. They liked me because I performed and inspired my team.

    So when it came time to try my hand at Network Marketing I said to myself heck yeah I can do this I owned my own business. Well here I am about 5 years into it off and on, and still struggling.I’m not computer savy but there must be something else I’m missing when it come to getting followers like I did offline.Looking forward to your feeds.

  4. Indeed so – why do most peoople not find it easy or even find it impossible to mutate into a race horse……the average man in the streets needs meth ods that are feasible – totally agree. Love oyur post.

    Frieke Karlovits

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