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We are Dave and Darlene Mills. I (Dave) was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia and my wife Darlene was born in the small fishing community of Victoria Beach, Nova Scotia.

We decided it was time to look for another source of income and wanted to do it from home. Our first big obstacle to overcome was “Where do we begin?” We did join a couple of opportunities online and found our second biggest obstacle which was how to do some of the things that our upline and the system instructed us to do. When we tried to get some answers there seemed to be no one that would answer our questions and concerns. Being uneducated on how to make an income from home meant we did not have the skills to be successful. We had streams of outgo but no streams of income as promised.

On one of the social sites we found a picture of a lady, Frieke Karlovits from Austria, who  we made contact with, oh and by the way she did not ask us to buy anything or join her opportunity,  she introduced us to information on the Network Marketing industry. Wow the information was an eye opener. We studied the information and began our education on earning an income from home. More than that we also were introduced to a group of like minded people who have taught us many of the skills that we needed to be successful.

MLM is a great industry and our desire is to help you so you can gain the skills needed to make a great income from home. Being part of a group of like minded professional marketers gives us an international team of experts at our disposal enabling us to help you become successful.

You can contact us at anytime and we will be happy to help you.

Dave and Darlene Mills

Leadership With A Vision

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