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The Three Cash Machine

When my wife and I began our journey to find an online source of income we arrived at “The Three Cash Machine”.  We soon became in the category of a Frustrated Network Marketer.  The presentation was very compelling along with the background music.  We made our decision to join for a couple of reasons but the main reasons were the sincerity of the plea and the fact that it was free.

The instruction for setting up the 3CM system involves joining 9 traffic exchanges, Global Domains International, Yuwie and Clickbank.  This makes up the 12 streams of income that are described in the splash page video.  The suggested time to set up is 1 hour.  This may be possible to someone that is familiar with setting up a system but to those that are not, the task is much more time consuming.   I speak from my experience of setting up 3CM.

I do agree that using the 3CM system is free but there is one component of the streams of income that will cost you $10 per month to join, Global Domains International.  You make $1 per referral, that remain in GDI and their account is in good standing, per month.  If you are looking to make an income of $5000 a month, the math cannot be denied.  You need in your downline 5000 people that have joined GDI and remain in good standing.  If you take into consideration the failure rate and quitters you will find that number grows enormously.  I ask, Where is the money?

Yuwie is a social network that pays you for your activity. While I was a Yuwie member I received a number of referrals and spent a great deal of time on the activities expecting to make a stream of income.  I did make an income stream over the months that I spent enrolled in Yuwie and the grand total was a couple of pennies. I ask again, Where is the money?

I also made a commission at Clickbank of about $10 over the time period I was promoting 3CM.  When I went to cash out I found that the commission had disappeared.  I emailed Clickbank and 3CM regarding the commission but received no reply.  Where is the money?

The Traffic exchanges are the remaining streams of income which most pay you for referrals in the form of credits.  Unless you upgrade.  The 3CM system is free but the components that are in the system cost you if you want to upgrade to be in the money making category.  There is the danger that your steams of income may be smaller than your steams of outgo. You need to weigh the benefits of upgrading to see if they are in your best interest and if not, don’t upgrade in the hopes of making enough to offset your costs.  In the time that I spent promoting 3CM I only made a few dollars off of the traffic exchanges, and I spent hours clicking everyday, it was not worth cashing out.  Where is the money?

There was a concern that I had while a friend was signing up to 3CM that was never addressed by Dan Weaver or the 3CM support group.  After our friend signed up we noticed that she did not show up as a referral on some of our sites.  Some may question how we know if our friend signed up properly to which I can say that it was all done on my computer with our help.  I find it frustrating that I could not get an answer from anyone regarding this.  I wonder what happened to the referrals?

While promoting 3CM I found it easy to get sign-ups, but because the system is advertised as being automatic, those that joined had the same mentality.  If you have the attitude that you are going to have a great income while doing nothing, you are going to get a big surprise.  I generally see that if you do nothing, you get nothing in return.  Where is the money in that?

Any business that is worth while will require you to put effort into it.

When I joined 3CM I received a welcome from my up-line and that was the second last time I heard from him. The last time I heard from him was after I stopped promoting 3CM and using the traffic exchanges that were a part of the system.   I guess he noticed that his referral credits he received from all the clicking I was doing stopped.  He did ask how I was doing promoting 3Cm?  Too little, too late. I even tried to contact my down-line and received no response.  I guess they all thought they did not need to work as a team.  It would all happen all by itself, they are wrongBusinesses tend to thrive when everyone works as a team, helping and encouraging each other.  Of course there are other considerations also to be taken into account.  There should be communication within your up-line as well as your down-line, otherwise there is a serious problem.  One of the lines in the video states that there is a library, which is free to use to 3CM members, should you not find 3CM is for you.  Is that an admission that the creator of 3CM does not expect duplication?  As well, another thought would be that he would get the referral for any other system in the library that you choose to join.  In my opinion this system is not duplicatable which is a must for MULTI-LEVEL MARKETING.

If you are considering joining a business with the LAZY up-line, down-line mentality,  you will find yourself struggling and frustrated with your lack of success.  Do your research and ask questions, and if no one is willing to answer them you need to run.  Ask for proof that the system is duplicatable or you will find yourself dead in the water when it does not copy itself.

I cannot tell you what to think but I can teach you how to think.
Learn to be a critical thinker for your own protection.

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Darlene and Dave Mills
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